The Soaps: Tune In Tomorrow

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Liam took Hope to meet baby Phoebe for the first time. Unaware that Phoebe is actually Beth, her presumed-dead daughter, Hope felt an unexpected and instant connection to the child. Hope later told Liam about her feelings and remarked that Phoebe would be in their lives for a long time. Wyatt and Sally pointed out to Steffy how similar Phoebe and Kelly look. Brooke quizzed Taylor about how fast Steffy had adopted Phoebe. Zoe was upset when Reese suddenly returned to England. Zoe was suspicious of Flo, whom she found in Reese’s apartment.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: John met with Leo’s mother, Diana Cooper, and was surprised to see that she is Diana Colville, whom he had a romance with until she left Salem years ago after "accidentally" shooting him. Diana responded with a "boys will be boys" attitude when John asked for info on Leo. When Leo ordered Diana to leave town, she reminded him that she has evidence that he murdered his father. After telling Marlena about his meeting with Diana, John realized that he could be Leo’s birth father. Ciara’s abductor turned out to be Ben’s unhinged sister, Jordan, who thinks she is protecting Ciara from Ben. Jordan also kidnapped Abigail’s baby, Charlotte, to “protect” her after learning that Ben nearly kidnapped Abigail for Stefan. Stefan stabbed and killed a thug who wanted to kill Chloe because she killed his boss, drug dealer El Fideo. Tripp gave Claire another chance. Haley and J.J. kissed.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Franco made an appointment with Kevin (Ryan), and confessed to the murders that he committed (when he had a brain tumor), even relating that it had been fun watching the police trying to solve them. Laura consented when Lulu insisted that she wanted Kevin (Ryan) to hypnotize her to see if she could remember who stabbed her. During the session, Ryan (as Kevin) convinced Lulu that the man who stabbed her had been Franco. Jordan arrested Franco, who said that he wasn’t the killer. Secretly pleased, Ryan planted incriminating evidence on Franco. Sam told Jason that they have to pretend to end their relationship in order for her to get close to Shiloh so she can protect Kristina. Jason teamed with Spinelli to dig up information on Shiloh’s past. Nina was happy that Sasha returned to town. Robert and Finn dug up more information on Dr. Cabot.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Victor, Nick and Nikki were stunned when they heard Victoria’s daughter Katie talking behind a wall in the Newman mansion. After breaking down the wall, Victor and Nick found an array of surveillance equipment that covered every room in the house, and they realized someone (Katie’s mystery friend) has been spying on them. Victor, Nikki, Nick and Victoria realized that J.T. may not be dead. Abby put Mia in her place during a meeting, stating that she wouldn’t let a jealous woman (Mia) stand in the way of her and Arturo’s wedding plans. Sharon let Rey listen to a recording (made by the mystery man) of Victor saying that J.T. deserved to die. Kyle told Lola that she is the one he wants, even though Summer keeps coming on to him. Ana was a hit when she sang at a concert in place of Fen, who failed to show.


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