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Not Picture Perfect on 'B&B'

When "The Bold and the Beautiful" first started, the Forresters were front and center. And years later, they still are. Throughout much of the history of the show, Stephanie Forrester was the family matriarch, and her portrait hung prominently in the family manse. Long after the character's death, her husband would often talk to her picture and even toast with her. It was as if the portrait was another character on the show.

Although Eric may never have completely gotten over losing Stephanie, other portraits have graced that wall. When Rick moved into the mansion, he hung a portrait of his wife, Maya, on the wall, so it has not always been a portrait of an Eric ex. One notorious ex of Eric’s was the crazed Sheila, who tried to have her portrait put up. But by then, it was not Stephanie's portrait she was bent on replacing, it was that of Eric’s current wife, Quinn.

Enter a recently engaged Pam, Stephanie's sister. Granted, Pam not only dislikes Quinn, but she also has only a passing acquaintance with normalcy. Eric agreed, with no qualms, to host Pam and Charlie's wedding in his house. This was not a surprise; Eric is a generous man with a strong allegiance to his sister-in-law. However, when Pam said she wanted to have Stephanie's portrait re-hung in its place of honor, he should have put his foot down in deference to his current wife. Of course, then there would have been no story. Quinn, rightly, blew a gasket. Again, there was no intervention from Eric on Quinn's behalf.

It was time for a classic "B&B" catfight as Pam yet again tried to mount her sister’s portrait on the wall. This is long before the wedding, mind you. In the process, Stephanie‘s portrait was damaged by Quinn. It was not a premeditated act. And Eric is clueless yet again. He does not seem to get that this behavior threatens his wife. He could’ve ended it all with a word, but he let it go.

Now Pam is trying to get her revenge on Quinn by trying to re-pair Eric and Donna. He likes the attention, but outwardly talks about how crazy he is about his wife. For a man of the world, he is simply clueless. So is his granddaughter Steffy, who has an inappropriate family portrait on her wall, which was taken when she was married to now ex-hubby Liam. It captures a loving pose in soft focus, no less. Liam is now married to Hope, who recently lost their baby. Steffy maturely championed the Liam/Hope pairing. They had decided they wanted to lovingly raise their children (both by Liam) to be close as they grew up together.

We are surprised that Hope never made much of an issue of the portrait. We surely would. The show focuses on this picture over and over again. It is hurtful to Hope and should be to Liam as well. So much for family values.


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