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Catalina Breeze on 'B&B'

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Hope assured Liam that she would be OK with him meeting Steffy, who had taken baby Kelly to the hospital with a fever. Hope went to Catalina Island ahead of Liam to begin their “babymoon.” Talking to Hope on the phone, Liam learned that she was in labor. Liam arrived at the airport, where helicopters to Catalina were grounded because of high winds. Bill arranged for Liam to use a company helicopter to get to the island, and managed to get himself, Brooke and Ridge to the island as well. “B&B” aired its 8,000th episode Jan. 4.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Everyone was stunned when Eve returned to Salem and crashed the Horton Center New Year’s Eve party at Doug’s Place. In front of everyone, Eve began lashing out at the people she felt had wronged her, including J.J., Jennifer, Brady, Eric, Sarah and Chloe. Eve then stunned the partygoers further by introducing her “date,” Jack Deveraux, who supposedly died in an accident six years ago. Jennifer, who is Jack’s ex-wife, was upset when he said he didn’t remember her, and in fact doesn’t remember any of his past. Jennifer accused Eve of turning Jack against everyone by only telling him about the bad things they did to him in the past. Abigail, who is moving on with her life, told Gabi that she won’t press charges against her, but only for the sake of Gabi’s daughter Arianna. Kayla called J.J. on his helping Haley cover up her suicide attempt. Eli and Lani made love.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Julian broke off his relationship with Kim after seeing her kissing Drew on New Year’s Eve. Finn and his bearded dragon, Roxy, moved in with Anna after a few not-so-subtle hints from Emma. “Kevin” (Ryan) was not happy about the article that Lulu wrote tying the murders of Kiki and Mary Pat to a serial killer. “Kevin” was further upset after a producer, Peyton, showed him a bit of the documentary he was making about Ryan. “Kevin” really lost it when Peyton surmised that Ryan did not die in the funhouse (where the town coffee shop is now) as reported, and may still be alive. Shortly after "Kevin" left Peyton’s office, Curtis and Jordan arrived and realized that Peyton had been murdered and his body removed. After a New Year’s Eve kiss, Jason and Sam found Peyton’s body. Drew didn’t remember Hank, who thanked Drew for saving his life years ago.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Rey and other officers forced the pilot of the private jet that Victor was using to take Nikki -- who had regained consciousness -- out of the country to abort the takeoff. Rey made sure Nikki was taken back to the hospital and posted a guard at her room. Christine and Rey were unable to arrest Victor, Nick or Nate after Nikki said that leaving the hospital and country was her idea. At the police department, Nick and Nikki’s doctor, Nate, was released but, against Christine’s orders, Rey charged Victor with J.T.'s murder. Cane and Victoria got into an argument after she told him that Reed admitted he ran down Nikki, but she insisted it was all Charlie’s fault. At the height of their argument, Victoria grabbed Cane and kissed him, but they later agreed it would never happen again. Fen, who thought he had a chance with Lola, was upset when she gave Kyle another chance.


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