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'Days': Jack Don't Know Jack

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: On Catalina Island, Liam arrived just after Hope had given birth to their baby, Beth, who didn’t survive. Brooke, Ridge and Bill arrived a little later and were stunned to hear the news about Beth. Reese, who was Hope’s doctor at the clinic, explained that a placental abruption had occurred, causing the placenta to detach from the womb, and thus Beth did not receive the nutrients and oxygen she needed. Reese stressed to Liam that what happened was unusual and would probably not recur in future pregancies. Back home, Hope and Liam held a memorial for Beth.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Ciara began to worry that Ben might be reverting to form after learning that he, on orders from Stefan, had kidnapped Gabi. Ben insisted that he didn’t hurt Gabi, he just did what he was told. When Ben went to the DiMera mansion to tell Stefan that he was quitting his job, he found Chad, who is now the CEO of DiMera. Chad refused to hire Ben and suggested that he break up with Ciara. Stefan refused when Hope offered to make his kidnapping charges disappear if he blamed the kidnapping on Ben. Ciara ended things with Ben after having a talk with Abigail, who made her see that Ben may not have changed. Julie convinced Abigail to meet Chad for a date at Doug’s Place. Jack, who didn’t remember Kayla, was stunned when she said that they had been married and he had raped her after learning that she had an affair with Steve.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Kim and Drew told Oscar that the treatments didn’t work and his brain tumor has grown. Sam and Jason dug into Hank’s past after Kristina moved into Hank’s Dawn of Day community home, where Oscar lived before he was hospitalized. Sam and Jason were stunned to learn that Hank, who now goes by the name Shiloh, is the son of Sam’s one-time husband Henry Archer, whom during her con days she married and ditched after stealing his money. Sam worried that Hank/Shiloh is using Kristina to get revenge for what she did to his father. “Kevin” followed Laura to the boxing gym after a political meeting. “Kevin,” who secretly twisted a boxing glove string into a hangman’s noose, said that Laura shouldn’t be alone because of the “serial killer.” Scott interrupted “Kevin,” and, unwittingly, probably saved Laura’s life.

YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Victoria reluctantly relented when Reed wanted to hold a memorial service for his father, J.T., at Victoria’s home. During the memorial, Phyllis worried that Sharon would lose it and tell everyone what happened to J.T., so when Sharon started to speak, she interrupted and announced to everyone that J.T. was charming but had a dark side. Phyllis then shocked everyone by revealing that J.T. had been physically abusing Victoria. Reed insisted that Phyllis was lying, but when Victoria said it was true, Reed ran from the house. When Sharon asked Rey how he could be so sure that Victor killed J.T., he gave her a bulging folder on Victor and said that he would be convicted of J.T.’s murder. Kyle, Rey and Mia insisted that Lola would be a success when she worried about her new restaurant failing. Kerry felt insecure after learning that Jill is one of Jack’s exes.


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