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'B&B': Thorne to Be Wild

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Katie and Thorne told a happy Will that they were getting married. They also told the Forrester clan about their engagement. When Bill learned about Katie and Thorne’s marriage plans, he vowed to do whatever it takes to win the custody battle over Will. Brooke was upset when Bill kissed her after she went to tell him that Katie hadn’t changed her mind about wanting full custody of Will. Sally was thrilled when Steffy offered her a job designing for the Intimates line. Ridge secretly tried to persuade Judge McMullen to give Katie custody of Will.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: John, who has a plan to save Marlena, teamed up with Roman and Kayla to get Hattie out of jail so she could impersonate Marlena. After Marlena was taken to an abandoned floor in the hospital, Kayla put a life support system on Hattie. Hattie, pretending to be Marlena, "woke up." Sami, Eric and Belle were thrilled that their mother was alive. After the fact, John called Hattie out for blasting Sami for shooting her on her wedding day and slammed Belle for having her taken off the ventilator. Rafe was suspicious when Hope arrested Ben after “finding new evidence” that Ben tried to kill Ciara in the cabin fire. Ben insisted that Hope set him up when Ciara turned against him. Lucas was stunned when Kayla told him that a paternity test proved that he and Bonnie are the parents of baby Bonnie. As part of her revenge plot, Gabi drugged Abigail to make it appear her that her alters have returned.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Convinced that Sonny has something to do with the body found in the basement of Julian’s bar, Jordan and Margaux showed up on his doorstep. Carly and Sonny nervously looked on as Jordan and Margaux questioned Mike about the body, but Mike said he was there to get his daughter a job. Mike acted like he lost it when Margaux said that Courtney died years ago. After Jordan and Margaux left, Mike laughed and told Sonny and Carly that he faked the outburst. Sonny reluctantly agreed when Mike said he wanted to check out one of the facilities where he could live. Drew agreed when Kim didn’t want to tell Oscar that he has brain cancer. After Liz told Franco about Oscar’s condition, he looked it up on a computer. Seeing the computer, Cameron realized that Oscar is sick. Ryan convinced Franco and Lucy that he is Kevin. Ryan is out to get Felicia, whom he terrorized years ago.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Jack was considering giving up the search for his birth father, but changed his mind when Victor reacted with anger at Jack’s suggestion Victor’s father, Albert Miller, could also be Jack’s father. Victor nixed giving Jack a DNA sample to check out his theory. Jack took a napkin that Victor used, but changed his mind when he realized that Devon saw him. Kyle, who is out to destroy Billy, put him in touch with a gambling syndicate in New York City. After getting Billy’s password to Jabot financial records, Kyle learned that Billy had wired thousands in Jabot money to join the syndicate. Kyle told Ashley about Billy's malfeasance, but “neglected” to tell her that he had set Billy up. Victoria felt a new sense of control over her life after letting Nate teach her self-defense. Summer was upset when Kyle ended their relationship.


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