The Soaps: Tune In Tomorrow by Nancy M. Reichardt

'GH': Headless Body in Julian's Bar

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Ridge insisted that his decision to put more money into Steffy’s Intimates line instead of Hope’s HFTF line was strictly a business decision. The truce between Steffy and Hope quickly dissolved when they argued over Ridge’s decision. Thorne proposed to Katie, who didn’t give him an answer because of the custody battle over Will, but said that she does love him. At Bill’s request, Brooke tried to convince Katie not to sue Bill for full custody of Will. Brooke cried on Bill’s shoulder about Ridge ruining Hope’s future. Zoe continued trying to seduce Xander.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Valerie explained to John that Marlena had gone into septic shock following her surgery and was put on a ventilator after she stopped breathing and entered an irreversible coma. Against John and Eric’s wishes, Belle gave Kayla the legal directive that Marlena had arranged in advance, which stated that Marlena did not want to kept alive by extraordinary measures. After a judge denied John’s attempt to keep Marlena on life support, her family gathered around as Kayla turned off her ventilator. Lucas didn’t believe Bonnie, who arrived in Salem with a baby girl whom she claimed was their daughter, the result of their tryst when Bonnie was impersonating Adrienne. Using the baby, Bonnie wants Lucas to get Adrienne to drop legal charges that could send her to prison. Will was about to tell Paul that he is back with Sonny when he learned that his legs were paralyzed by his recent fall.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Mike, who buried Joe Skully’s body in the basement of Julian’s bar to protect Sonny -- who was responsible for the man’s death -- broke a gas line with a wrench. Mike panicked when Kristina, who was working as a bartender, saw him. Kristina called Sonny, who, with Jason, came to get Mike just as an explosion rocked the basement. Kristina was knocked out when she ran back into the bar to get the wrench, but was rescued by Jason, who took the wrench. Julian told Chase that he suspected someone had tampered with the gas pipe. Searching the basement, Chase first found a head and then a body (Skully’s). Nina received a heart necklace that her mother had left her, which made her suspect that her and Silas’ baby was alive and that Madeline gave the other half of the necklace to the child. Michael was puzzled by a letter from Nelle, who hoped being close to Wiley helped him deal with “Jonah’s” death.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Nick hosted a lavish launch party at the new office of his company, Dark Horse. Victor showed up and praised Nick. As the party was winding down, Rey, a police detective working for the GCPD who is looking into J.T.’s disappearance, arrested Nick for sabotaging Newman. Jack was surprised when Lauren looked at the photo of Dina and two men and said that one of the men was her father, Neil Fenmore. An online check of blood types proved that Neil can’t be Jack’s father. Victor thought of his father after seeing a photo of the second man in Nina’s photo. After making love, both Summer and Kyle realized that they still have feelings for each other. Devon told Charlie that Lily didn’t go to prison because of Charlie's testimony.