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'Days': Ben Didn't Start the Fire

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Hope was stunned when Steffy, who had taken off the wedding ring that Liam gave her, put the ring on Hope's finger. Realizing that Steffy was giving them her blessing, Hope and Liam got engaged again and talked wedding plans. Hope is still worried that something could go wrong. Brooke was thrilled when Hope showed her the engagement ring and said that she and Liam are back on. Xander and Emma were surprised to learn that Thorne hired Zoe to model for Forrester Creations. Hope worried that Steffy will fire her. Xander consoled Zoe over the death of her cat, Henry.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Kayla admitted to Jennifer that she is keeping a secret from Steve and is afraid of what would happen if he found out what she did. Kayla lied to Steve, who suddenly arrived, saying that the women were talking about Eric and Jennifer’s upcoming wedding. When Marlena put Ben under hypnosis, he remembered that he had nothing to do with the cabin fire that could have killed Ciara. Ben thanked Ciara for believing him from the start. Eve was relieved when Victor took the blame for planting the drugs that caused Brady to lose custody of Tate. In return, Victor told Eve that he expects her to convince Brady to forgive Victor or he will tell Brady the truth. Ted told Will and Sonny that he found Leo’s body and said that Sonny would have to pay him the money he would have gotten when Leo won the suit against Sonny, if he wants him to keep quiet.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: After Josslyn prevented her from escaping, Nelle was arrested. Carly, who had escaped from Ferncliff with help from Jason, visited Nelle at the police station, calling her out on all the things she did to her and Michael. Nelle told Carly that she doesn’t know everything, meaning that Brad and Lucas have Michael’s son (Jonah). To clear Carly of pushing Nelle down the stairs, Ava had Julian put the “missing” baby blanket in a drawer in the nursery, where Michael and Sam later found it. Sonny made Margaux see it would not be to her advantage to arrest Jason and Carly for escaping Ferncliff. Michael saw Brad and Lucas, who let him hold “their” baby, Wiley. Scott, who is really on Kiki’s side, urged Dr. Bensch to settle the lawsuit against him, but he refused. Scott told Franco that Kiki and Griffin had sex, and wanted Franco to tell Alexis about it. Robert lost contact with Finn after he found Anna, who wants to find out who kidnapped her.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Cane failed to talk Devon out of telling the police that Lily ran a red light and caused the death of Hilary as well as Hilary and Devon’s unborn baby. Before anything came of Devon’s threat, Lily hired Michael as her attorney and then confessed to Paul that she had caused the accident. Lauren was furious when she learned that Billy's plans to open a chain of cosmetics stores called JaBoutiques that will be in direct competition with her Fenmore’s cosmetics line. Tipped off by Kyle that Billy was up to something, Ashley returned from the Berlin conference early and confronted Billy. Victoria, Nikki, Phyllis and Sharon panicked when Paul said that he is still investigating J.T.’s disappearance. Summer, who wants Billy for herself, was angry when Phyllis talked him into giving their romance another chance.


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