The Soaps: Tune In Tomorrow

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: When Steffy talked about getting married ASAP, Liam told her that Hope is having his baby. Steffy agreed when Liam said he needed time to think and didn’t want to remarry yet. Steffy told Liam that she loves him. Liam told Hope that he let Steffy know about her pregnancy. Liam told Hope that he loves her and Steffy, and can’t decide between them right now. Zoe, who is painting a mural for Wyatt, tampered with Sally’s laptop. Thorne and Katie later accused Sally of sending threatening emails to Hope. Zoe, who is Xander’s ex, is not happy that Xander and Emma are friends.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Tracking Ciara’s phone, Hope and Rafe arrived at the cabin to find it on fire and Ciara unconscious. Rafe called the fire department and EMTs while Hope performed CPR on Ciara, who regained consciousness. Rafe pulled a gun on Ben when he arrived at the cabin. Ben insisted that he hadn’t started the fire and didn’t harm Ciara -- he saved her life and set her broken leg. Ciara left the hospital on her own and went to the police station and backed up Ben's story. Will and Sonny, who left Leo’s body in his own car, were stunned when they returned and the car was gone. During a break in his custody fight for Tate, Eric admitted to Eve that he lied about who killed Deimos, then revealed that Nicole was the murderer. Maggie rushed an ailing Gabi to the hospital. A drunken Stefan had visions of Gabby.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: At the cabin, the Cub Scout, Wyatt, was trying to untie Peter’s hand when Liesl arrived, so the boy dived under the bed. Wyatt went to Franco, who is his art therapist, and told him about the man in the cabin. When Liesl walked up, Wyatt told Franco that she was the woman he saw in the cabin, which Liesl denied. Finn and Franco went to the cabin, but didn’t see Peter because Nina had moved him to a stable on the property. Nina prevented Liesl from killing Peter. Maxie took her and Nathan’s son, James, home from the hospital and let Liesl hold the baby. Sonny worried that Julian will find Charlie Delany’s body, which Mike buried in the basement of Julian’s bar years ago. Julian refused Sonny’s offer to buy the bar. Jason worried about Michael and Chase's schemes.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Sharon and Nikki nearly had heart attacks when they saw J.T. looking in a window at them. He then vanished. Nikki told Victor that she had seen J.T. Ashley, who quit Newman and returned to work at Jabot, gave Neil insider info, and he snapped up a company that took its business away from Newman. While sharing dinner together, Ashley and Neil reminisced about their having dated years ago. Esther was furious when she learned that a drunken Kyle had dug up Phillip’s grave in hopes of obtaining DNA from the body that might prove Jack is Phillip’s son. Jack was stunned when Kyle showed him a piece of bone found in the grave. Billy, who lost his yacht while gambling to get Summer’s inheritance back, told Phyllis that the yacht was taken away for repairs. Victor was devastated when Nick received custody of Christian.


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