The Soaps: Tune In Tomorrow

'Days': Hot Memory Injection

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Wyatt was shocked when he ran into Sally Spectra, who had left town months ago. Emma, the new intern at Forrester, visited her Uncle Justin, who is Bill’s assistant. Justin advised Emma not to let anyone at Forrester know about their relationship, because Justin works for Bill. While showing dance moves to Hope, Emma did a kick that knocked out Julius Avant’s nephew Xander, who is working on the Hope for the Future line. Thorne kissed Katie, who broke up with Wyatt. Liam broke his engagement to Hope and planned a future with Steffy and Kelly.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Ciara, who has a broken leg, was stunned when she came to in the cabin and realized that Ben was there. Ben told Ciara that he had been released from the psychiatric hospital, but she didn’t believe he had been rehabilitated. Ben told Ciara that he was capable of taking care of her leg. Determined to get Brady and Tate back, Theresa said that Victor had put her in charge of Titan’s Bella line and that Brady could become CEO of Titan if he took her back, an offer he refused. Victor didn’t bite when Xander said that he wanted to be CEO of Titan. Vowing that Victor would pay, Xander, who also knows who killed Deimos, stole stacks of money from Victor’s home safe, along with an envelope with Nicole’s name on it. Paul worried that something could go wrong as Marlena injected Will with Dr. Rolf’s formula, which supposedly could restore Will’s memory. Hope searched for the missing Ciara.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Sonny, Jason and Michael were stunned when the judge declared Carly guilty by reason of insanity for the “supposed” attempt to kill Nelle and her unborn baby, and sent Carly to Ferncliff, a state facility for the criminally insane. Jason got a custodial job at Ferncliff in order to keep tabs on Carly. Nelle, who was pleased with Carly’s sentence, was alone in the courtroom when Chase, who called her Janelle, reminded her about how, years ago, she had sat in a kayak and watched as her fiance, Zach, drowned. Chase told Nelle, who hadn’t been arrested, that he knows she reported him for inappropriate behavior, causing him to lose his cop job while on Zach’s case. Kiki plans to charge Dr. Bensch with sexual harassment. Valentin gave Alexis a photo of her mother, Kristen. Admitting their feelings for each other, Anna and Finn made love. Sam and Curtis searched for Peter (Henrik).

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Billy’s efforts to act as mediator between Phyllis and her sullen, obnoxious and spoiled daughter, Summer, didn’t work. Having had man problems, Summer insisted that she wasn’t going to let anyone hurt her again. When Phyllis wasn’t around, Summer taunted and teased Billy by accusing him of being attracted to her. Kyle, Summer’s former boyfriend, assured her that he has no current romantic interest in her. At the arbitration hearing about custody of Christian, Victor and Nick's lawyers made the case for their respective clients. After Michael forced Sharon to admit that she had bouts of mental illness, she blamed herself when the arbitrator gave Victor temporary custody of Christian. Shauna, who is living with Devon and Hilary, is putting a crimp in their romantic time.


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