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Storms Approaching on 'GH'

When fans of Kirsten Storms, who plays Maxie Jones on “General Hospital,” saw someone else playing the role, they worried that Storms had been let go from the show. To quell the rumors surrounding her absence on screen, the actress took to her Twitter account to set the record straight, stating: “To address the internet rumors, no I’m not leaving GH. I had to take 2 sick days due to the flu and that is all.” This is the fifth time that Storms, who joined “GH” in 2005, has taken time off for personal reasons. Molly Burnett, who played Melanie Jonas on “Days of Our Lives,” took over as Maxie in 2016 during Storm’s absence and played the role again until Storms returned last week.

In the same Twitter announcement about her absence, Storms added: “I also recently re-signed with the show and I’m very happy to be continuing with Maxie’s journey.”


James Read is playing the role of Finn (Michael Easton) and Chase’s (Josh Swickard) father, Gregory Chase, on “General Hospital.” Read is known to daytime viewers from his role of the “evil” Clyde on “Days of Our Lives.” Read had guest roles on numerous prime-time series including: “CSI: NY,” “North and South” and “Castle.”

Lily Fisher will be returning to “General Hospital” in the role of Maxie (Kirsten Storms) and Spinelli’s (Bradford Anderson) daughter, Georgie. No air date was given.

Tristan Rogers, who plays Robert Scorpio on “General Hospital,” is currently off the show while his character is trying to track down Peter, aka Henrik, who is secretly being held hostage by Liesl (Kathleen Gati). Rogers is slated to return in the future.

Anthony Montgomery, who plays Dr. Andre Maddox on “General Hospital,” took to his social media account to let fans know that he has been cast in a recurring role on the OWN network series “Greenleaf.” The series revolves around the Greenleaf family, owners of a Memphis, Tennessee, church. Montgomery will begin airing in August, when the series begins its third season. Lamman Rucker, who played Garret Williams on “All My Children” and T. Marshall Travers on “As the World Turns,” also appears on “Greenleaf.”

Adain Bradley is playing the new role of Xander Avant, the nephew of Julius Avant (Obba Babatunde) on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Xander, who is half British, is the cousin of Maya (Karla Mosley) and Nicole (Reign Edwards), who comes to America to meet the American side of his family. Bradley appeared in the series “Riverdale” as Trev Brown. Bradley grew up in England. He first aired on June 12.

Courtney Hope returns to “The Bold and the Beautiful” as Sally Spectra on June 15 for a new storyline that will run through the summer.

The first male winner of “America’s Next Top Model,” Keith Carlos, will appear on “The Bold and the Beautiful” beginning June 15 as a bartender at the Bikini Bar. Carlos was a former wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants.


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