The Soaps: Tune In Tomorrow

'Days': Hot Morgue Injection!

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Wyatt was stunned when he overheard Justin calling Bill out for making it appear that Steffy and Bill were still having an affair. Wyatt confronted Bill about setting him up and making Liam think that Steffy was still seeing Bill. Wyatt was shocked when Katie disagreed with his plan to tell Liam what Bill had done, but was talked into striking a deal with Bill to avoid getting fired. Taylor immediately began planning Hope and Liam’s wedding, despite Ridge's belief that Bill was behind Steffy and Liam’s breakup.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: In Mexico, Theresa was stunned to find herself face-to-face with Xander, whom she once falsely accused of raping her and trying to kill her. After Mateo (the drug dealer) “gave” Theresa to Xander, Theresa said that she would be able to get Xander back in Victor’s good graces if he takes her back to Salem and reunites her with Brady and Tate. Xander agreed, but refused when Theresa wanted him to rescue Chloe as well. Mateo, who made Chloe sing for him, said he would let her go if she voluntarily makes love with him. Someone went into the morgue and injected a syringe of fluid into the supposedly dead Vivian. Stefan warned Kate that she will pay if he ever finds out that her killing Vivian wasn’t an accident. To get control of Titan, Kate hired Leo to finish what Vivian paid him to do -- ruin Sonny’s life. Kayla told Steve that there's a chance he could regain his eyesight.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: During her baby shower, Nelle secretly continued her plan to make Carly look crazy by having Ava give her a penguin mobile, knowing it would make Carly flip out. While upstairs at the Quartermaine mansion, Nelle pulled out a baby blanket similar to the one Morgan had as a baby. Nelle pulled back when Carly grabbed for the blanket, causing Nelle to fall down the stairs. At the hospital, Nelle told Griffin and Michael that Carly had pushed her down the stairs. Dante arrested Carly, who said it was an accident and that Nelle had set her up. No one noticed that Ava had taken the blanket. The annual Nurses’ Ball dedicated to the fight against AIDS got underway. Anna sent Peter (Henrik) an email (not giving her name) stating that she was his mother. Peter thought he found his mother when Anna anonymously sent another email giving his birth date: June 13, 1976.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: The DNA test that Jack had done on himself revealed that there was no sibling match between him and Billy, thus verifying that John was not Jack’s father. Jack walked out of the Jabot office and immediately started drinking. Abby accused Victor of tampering with video of Dina’s memories and inserting the claim that John was not Jack’s father just to hurt Jack. Victor denied Abby’s claim, but she said that she knew Kyle had given him a copy of Dina’s video. Kyle confronted Victor and accused him of hiring someone to edit the video of Dina’s memories because Kyle said he didn’t do it and Victor was the only other person who had a copy. Phyllis panicked when Nick, who has a police scanner app, said that he was using it to find J.T. Phyllis went with Nick when, via the scanner, he learned someone (not J.T.) made a call from a phone that Phyllis thought she had gotten rid of.


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