The Soaps: Tune In Tomorrow

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Brooke confronted Taylor after learning from Hope that Taylor was the one who shot Bill. On her knees, Taylor begged Brooke not to tell the police. Steffy assured Taylor, who is seeing a shrink, that Bill does not plan to charge her for his shooting. When Brooke went to see Bill, he told her that she was the reason he didn’t turn Taylor in. Pam continued to pressure Donna to help break up Eric and “crazy” Quinn. Zoe’s father, Reese, hit it off with Taylor at the party that Steffy threw for her Intimates line staffers.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Hope, who hid Ted at the family’s cabin on Smith Island, pressured him to meet with Ben and get a confession that Ben set the fire that nearly killed Ciara. After going to Smith Island and finding signs that suggested Hope was there with a man (Ted), Rafe, who originally believed Hope was working on a revenge plan against Ben, wrongly suspected that she might be having an affair. Sonny and Will confronted Kate and Chad, after learning that Kate was behind Leo’s false harassment accusation against Sonny that cost Sonny his job and ruined Titan. Leo arrived and showed Will and Sonny surveillance photos of them putting his body in a rug. Stefan, who thinks that Gabby is back, took Abigail out of Bayview. Lucas told Chloe that he is going to Europe to be with Allie. Gabi had a copy of a DNA test showing that baby Charlotte is Chad’s, not Stefan’s, child.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: A knife with Kiki’s blood on it was found in Griffin’s apartment, so the police took him in for questioning. Ava, who thought that Griffin killed Kiki, took a gun into the interrogation room and threatened to kill him. “Kevin” was able to talk Ava down and later took her home. Not admitting to the murder, “Kevin” told Ava that he “killed” Kiki because he encouraged Ava’s anger toward Kiki. Jordan and Chase, who know that Griffin didn’t kill Kiki, realized that the killer is the same person who killed nurse Mary Pat, as the driver’s licenses of both women had been taken. At Morgan’s grave, Margaux told Sonny that there is no proof he killed her father, and she later decided to let it go. When Alexis asked why Sam had a copy of an obituary for Leland Powell, she said that the man had been her husband. “Kevin” threatened Laura. Liz and Franco postponed their wedding.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: After a fire of unknown origin destroyed the barn on the Newman ranch, Victoria and Nikki realized that someone is targeting their family. Nikki and Victoria fear that whoever was behind the fire may know about their connection to J.T.’s murder. The women also know that Rey, who is investigating J.T.’s death, is keeping a close eye on them and also suspects that Victor is involved in the affair. Nikki also worried that she hasn’t been able to get in touch with Victor, who is in Dubai. Michael and Lauren were thrilled when their son Fen returned to Genoa City, but were unhappy with him when he said he quit law school and is embarking on a singing career. Devon felt that he didn't keep his promise to Hilary to care of Shauna, who left to work things out with her parents in Colorado.


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