The Soaps: Tune In Tomorrow

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Brooke kept mum when she learned, after Bill had Justin check out Judge McMullen’s background, that Ridge and the judge attended the same school. Bill hired a tech guy, Ken, to do a follow-up after Justin found a photo that proved Ridge had paid McMullen a visit before Bill lost the custody case to Katie. Quinn warned a returned Donna to stay away from Eric. Sally’s Aunt Shirley returned to town to support Sally’s first Intimates fashion show for Forrester Creations. Xander asked Emma to take the next step in their romance and make love.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Sami was elated when a DNA test showed that the burn victim was E.J. Susan, who is E.J.’s mother, was furious when she learned that Sami had kept her in the dark about E.J. being alive, and later managed to sneak E.J. out of the hospital. After agreeing that they both want what is best for E.J., Sami and Susan took him to a private burn facility in Europe. Sarah was devastated when, during her and Rex’s engagement party, Chloe told everyone that baby Bonnie was Mimi’s baby. Mimi revealed that the baby’s name is actually Emily and that Rex is Emily's father. Sarah dumped Rex. Bonnie, who has been on the run, was returned to Pentonville Prison to serve the remainder of her time. Gabi was angry when she learned that Chad had kidnapped Abigail to protect her. Hope and Rafe are still working to prove that Ben tried to kill Ciara. John and Marlena prepared to say their “I do’s.”

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Everyone was stunned when Mary Pat’s head was found floating in a tub of water surrounded by apples at the Floating Rib. A shocked Ava found Mary Pat’s headless body sitting in a chair at her art gallery. Ryan, who had planned to harm Felicia, is now focused on Ava. Jordan had tests done on some blond hairs found in Mary Pat’s hand. Carly admitted that she hated Mary Pat for what she did to her, but she didn’t kill the woman. Jason told Carly that he would try to find out who is in the room next to Carly’s at Ferncliff. Laura told Lulu that she and “Kevin” separated because he wanted time to himself. Spencer tampered with the voting machine to allow Laura a chance to be mayor. Brad told Britt, who is helping Anna lure Liesl back to Port Charles, that Wiley is Michael’s son Jonah. Michael hit it off with Willow Tait, whom he met at his support group.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Rey took an expensive watch, engraved with “Love Mac,” that Arturo found while digging up Jill’s statue, under which Nikki, Phyllis, Sharon and Victoria had buried J.T. After finding a photo of Mackenzie and J.T., who was wearing the watch, and finding J.T.’s DNA in the dirt, Rey publicly announced that J.T.’s disappearance was a murder investigation. Nick and Phyllis made love in his office after crying on each other's shoulder about their terrible romantic lives. Lola invited Kyle to dinner to try some of her recipes, and he ended up offering to help her finance a restaurant. Devon convinced Cane not to disrupt Mattie and Charlie's lives by moving closer to the prison that Lily is in. Sharon urged Billy not to let Phyllis get him down, despite the fact that he went from CEO to working for Phyllis. Sharon struggled to tamp down her attraction to Rey.


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