The Soaps: Tune In Tomorrow by Nancy M. Reichardt

'Days': Leo's Back!

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Liam was not happy to learn from Steffy that her mother, Taylor, was back in town. Because of Taylor’s erratic behavior and the fact that she shot Bill, Liam told Steffy that he didn’t want Taylor spending time with his and Steffy's infant daughter, Kelly. Hope was stunned when Taylor accused her of breaking up Steffy and Liam. Taylor was livid when Hope defended herself. Taylor, who was verbally attacking Hope, left when Liam arrived. Steffy fumed when Liam said that he'd told Hope that Taylor was the one who shot Bill. Zoe is upset that her father, Dr. Reese Buckingham, moved to Los Angeles.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Will and Sonny got back together and were talking about their future when the supposedly deceased Leo arrived on their doorstep. Leo, who wants revenge, taunted Will, who thought he'd accidentally killed Leo during a confrontation. Leo told Will and Sonny that he came to after they rolled him up in a carpet and disposed of his “body.” Leo said that even though he was severely wounded, he got to safety and was able to recuperate. Leo agreed to not tell anyone that Will attempted to kill him and Sonny had sexually harassed him if Sonny kept a former promise to marry him. Ted returned to Salem, told Hope that Kate had held him captive, and asked Hope for help. Hope agreed, if Ted finds proof that Ben set the cabin fire. Eric decided to raise his infant daughter, Holly, by himself. Hope was livid when Rafe said that he saw Ciara and Ben kissing. Chad visited Abigail at Bayview.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Encouraged by Marcus, Stella made amends with Jordan and Curtis and attended their wedding. T.J. returned to Port Charles and escorted Jordan down the aisle. Jordan and Curtis said their “I do’s” in front of family and numerous friends. Josslyn confronted Oscar after he admitted that he has brain cancer, and convinced him to agree to take part in the drug trial that might save his life. Oscar later told Kim and Drew that he'd agreed to the drug trial for Josslyn's sake, not for theirs. When a shocked Laura saw “Kevin” (Ryan) kissing Ava at her art gallery, he reminded Laura that their marriage was over. After talking Ava out of leaving town, “Kevin" left, saying he had “business” to take care of. Jordan and Curtis found Kiki, who Ryan (“Kevin”) murdered and left in a suite on the Haunted Star. Ryan framed Griffin for the murder. “Kevin” made love to Ava.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Tessa was stunned to find Victoria in her apartment, and panicked when Victoria suggested that Tessa might be charged with murdering J.T. Victoria then retrieved a hidden camera that had been put in Tessa’s apartment, grabbed the teddy bear, ripped it open with a knife and removed the blackmail money that Tessa told Mariah she'd given to charity and a copy of the thumb drive that Mariah had smashed. Tessa told Victoria that she did not know who moved J.T.’s body. Mariah talked about ending her relationship with Tessa. Phyllis offered to move out after a stunned Sharon found out that she had moved in with Nick. Despite Phyllis’ objection, Summer made the decision to accept the offer from Victor to be head of real estate for Newman in Dubai. Kerry spent Thanksgiving with Jack.