The Soaps: Tune In Tomorrow

Mystery Hostage on ‘Days’

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Bill was not happy when Wyatt said he quit Spencer Publications for a job as social media manager of Forester Creations. A perk of his new job is that Wyatt can spend time with Sally, who also works for FC. Ridge confronted Brooke after Steffy told him she saw Brooke and Bill kissing. Brooke told Ridge that she loves him, that Bill kissed her, and that it won’t happen again. After Brooke told Katie that Ridge blackmailed the judge to give her custody of Will, Katie told a surprised Bill he can see Will whenever he wants to.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Brady secretly tailed Kristen to a compound in Nashville where she and Xander were holding a hostage. Xander knocked Brady out before he could see the prisoner, and Kristen later hit Brady with the butt of a gun after realizing he used her to find E.J. Xander and Kristen moved the prisoner, who said “Samantha.” Sami found Brady, and they broke into Xander’s warehouse. Nicole escaped from Xander. Gabi has been drugging Abigail and planting evidence to make it seem that she is Gabby again. Gabi then advised Chad to have Abigail committed. Ben had second thoughts about helping Claire break up Tripp and Ciara (so that he could have Ciara and Claire could have Tripp). Mimi, who is actually the mother of Baby Bonnie, panicked when Lucas said he plans to sue Bonnie for full custody of the baby he thinks is his child. Rex Brady is back in town.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Drew told Sonny that Margaux has the zip drive containing his memories, and wants Drew to give her any information he has about whether Sonny killed her father. Sonny asked Drew not to give Margaux any information, because it would harm Sonny and Jason and a long list of other people. Sam and Sonny went over the information Spinelli got on Vincent and realized he was actively involved in Joe Scully’s mob and wasn’t the “innocent” Margaux believes he was. At the courthouse, Carly, Sonny and Michael were on hand for Nelle’s sentencing when the judge threw the book at her. Brad, who was getting a passport for Wiley, was shocked to see Nelle. Ryan told Kevin that Laura was back and taunted that he would “take care” of her. Valentin convinced Sasha to take some time to get to know Nina. Spencer returned and is suspicious of “Kevin”/Ryan.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Jack was furious when he learned Ashley had tampered with his DNA test to show that he wasn’t John’s son and also paid Andrew to lie about Jack’s paternity. Ashley told Jack, Traci, Abby and Kyle that she did what she did to get back at Jack for all the times over the years that he had demeaned her, framed her for espionage and made sure she had no major role in running Jabot. Jack took back control of Jabot just as Billy, now an outpatient, returned from rehab. Billy attacked Kyle after learning he set Jack up with the gambling ring. Sharon and Victoria worried when Nikki said she sent $1 to their blackmailer in hopes of getting the person to reveal his/her identity. A livid Phyllis confronted Billy after learning he slept with Summer to get revenge on Phyllis for sleeping with Nick. Lily is upset Cane has never visited her at the prison.


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