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'Y&R': There Will Be Blood-Abbott

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Brooke confronted Judge McMullen after finding a burner phone that Ridge had used to talk to the judge about making sure he gave Katie full custody of Will. The judge told Brooke that Ridge had not bribed him to give custody of Will to Katie. Brooke angrily confronted Ridge, who said he did what he did for Katie and Will’s sake. Katie took Will to spend some time with Bill, and was pleased with how Bill treated him. She later agreed that Bill could spend more time with the boy. Ridge fumed when Steffy told him that she saw Brooke and Bill kissing.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Via camera footage of the town square, Marlena recognized Xander standing in the distance holding a gun, and told John and Sami that Xander shot her. John began a search for Xander. Eric found Nicole in Nashville, and told her that Brady admitted to making her dump him by threatening to reveal that she killed Deimos. After both admitted that they still love each other, Nicole said she couldn’t leave with Eric, just as Xander stepped out of the dark. Xander told Eric that he meant to shoot him, but he stepped aside and the bullet hit Marlena. In order to be together, Nicole insisted to Eric that they would have to kill Xander. Mimi was livid that Bonnie told Lucas that Mimi’s baby is Bonnie and Lucas’ so that Lucas won’t send Bonnie back to prison. Kristen and Brady made love, but Brady is secretly planning to bring Kristen down. Rafe refused to team up with Sami to find E.J.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Nina was thrilled to get a phone call from Sasha, whom DNA tests proved was Nina’s child. After Sasha and Nina’s first meeting, Nina was left devastated when Sasha made it clear that she does not want any kind of relationship with her. There was a lingering suspicion about whether Sasha is really Nina’s daughter or whether Valentin pulled a fast one, hoping to reunite with Nina. Sam and Jason were on the verge of making love when Alexis barged in looking for Kristina’s wallet. Sam and Jason agreed not to rush into anything, especially since Drew turned to Sam for help with Oscar. Family and friends gathered for a memorial service on the anniversary of Morgan’s death. Margaux told Drew that she has the zip drive containing his memories and offered to give it to Drew, who has Jason’s memories, if he tells her whether Sonny or Jason killed her father.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Traci and Ashley called a board meeting at Jabot, in which Traci called for a successful vote to do away with the blood-Abbott clause, which states only persons of Abbott descent can run the company. In a quick vote from Traci, Abby, Lauren and a reluctant Phyllis, they named Ashley CEO of Jabot. Kyle threatened Ashley, who refused to name him COO of Jabot because he encouraged Billy to gamble with Jabot’s money. On another front, Ashley is being blackmailed by Andrew, who worked behind the scenes for her. Victoria, Sharon, Nikki and Phyllis are terrified that Rey will learn they killed J.T. and buried his body, which someone later dug up. Victoria, Sharon, Nikki and Phyllis each received notes stating: “I know what you did and I’m going to make you pay.” Summer was furious when she saw Kyle and Lola kiss after their first date.


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