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'Days' Full of Yuletide Drama, Gifts

Fans of "Days of Our Lives" got two huge gifts this season: The return of not only Will, but Sami as well. When Will was killed off without so much as a fare-thee-well, the most vocal critic of that narrative choice was Alison Sweeney (Sami), so we felt her joy at the storyline now being essentially null and void.

The acting of both Sweeney and Chandler Massey (Will) has been astounding to watch. Sweeney was incandescent from her first moment back. Sweeney’s final scenes with Massey's Will, before her character returned to be with her other kids, made us bawl uncontrollably. We are so thrilled that Will gave Sami another chance. Kudos go as well to Greg Vaughan (Eric). The bond between Sami and Eric was as if they were truly twins.

While Sami was in town, she also managed to talk Lucas into going into rehab, and had sex with her ex, Rafe. The sex worked in context, but her coupling with Rafe will drive story for a while now that he is back with Hope, and Ciara knows of the indiscretion. Again, Sweeney sold both stories. She was the show's MVP while she was back. We were left wanting more.

Luckily, it did not take long for Massey's charms to make us glad he is giving Sonny another shot, even though his decision to "take it slow" meant moving into the Kiriakis mansion. That's slow? Right now, Sonny does not look like a prize either, due to the brush-off he gave his now ex-fiance, Paul, once he realized that he wanted his amnesiac husband back under any terms. However, when Will grins at Sonny, we see why Sonny can't help but love Will. We are rooting for them.

Longtime fans of this column know we live for the hanging of the ornaments on the Horton tree. We must say that we were irked the festivities were initially spoiled by the trumped-up fight between Ciara and Claire. It is unthinkable that they broke their heirloom ornaments. However, when they showed Will's ornament go up on the tree, our joy at having him back, even without his memories, brought another round of tears streaming down our face. After the tree ceremony, we loved it when Will told Sonny not to leave his room -- but not so they could have sex. It was so that Sonny could share those lost memories with Will.

Our main joy of the season was all the hoopla over the return of Will. Well, we could have lived without the return of the over-the-top Susan. However, this has been an incredible month for the show. The most dramatic was the shooting of Theo. J.J.'s guilt and contemplation of suicide for that split-second (but correct) decision in the line of duty was heartbreaking. All the drama surrounding Abe's inability to face that truth -- that the shooting of his son was justified and his eventual realization that he was wrong -- involved some magical acting by all concerned. When “Days” gave fans a Christmas miracle and a comatose Theo woke up, we were awash in tears yet again.

In truth, though, there was hardly a weak moment on any story of late. So many new stories have been opened up. We are hopeful that the future is just as bright for the show going forward. We just wish Sami would move back to Salem. That would make it perfect.


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