The Soaps: Tune In Tomorrow

Best and Worst for 'B&B' and 'Y&R'

It's 2018, and time once again for our Best/Worst columns. This column covers "The Bold and the Beautiful" and "The Young and the Restless." Next will be "General Hospital" and "Days of Our Lives."

The Bold and the Beautiful

BEST: We have never been fans of Katie, but her tryst with Wyatt has brought fun to her character. While Liam ran Spencer, we loved seeing him get Bill's blood boiling with his every do-gooder effort. We hated Sheila's return, but loved how Eric tricked her into thinking she won, only to kick her out for good. We finally warmed up to Thorsten Kaye’s Ridge, and by the time he tried to win Brooke back, he won us over.

WORST: Eric. We never thought we would say it, but his believing Sheila for even a minute? Nah! All too often, Eric is being treated as a doddering fool. His love affair with building an edifice (Sky) was asinine. His obsession with his "true love" Brooke quickly shifted to a fixation over Steffy, his son's wife. Icky-pooh. Mr. Family First gets a giant "fail." Meanwhile, Thomas and Sally had such potential. Despite their chemistry, this potential highlight of the year landed with a wet thud. Thomas went back to Caroline, and Sally quickly fell for Liam.

We also might mention that kisses have been treated as infidelity in two stories: Eric/Quinn/Ridge and Sally/Liam/Steffy. Just lame.

The Young and the Restless

BEST: The best and worst of "Y&R" are not as varied as "B&B," but the best thing on the show encompasses so many characters: Dina's Alzheimer's storyline. Of all the soaps, Dina's arc is the story of the year. Sadly, many viewers have been touched by this disease on some level. The show did not just take the subject matter and turn it into a PSA, as sometimes happens. The writers made the difficult subject invade the life of one of the show's core families. More importantly, all the Abbott children have mommy issues. The show was riveting during the months when we did not know what had really brought Dina back. There was also an amazing foil for the Abbotts: the charming but cunning Graham. Now that we know Dina's story, we are glued to the television. Seeing Ashley and Jack fighting over Jabot while trying to help their mother is heartbreaking. It is terrific that Traci is there to arbitrate.

Yes, we are sick of Nikki and Victor's 30-year marital seesaw, but this last fix finally has the duo on equal footing, even if they are blackmailing each other. There are already hints that this new status will lead to re-found love.

The show has had a multitude of revolving duos. We would like Cane and Lily to get back together, and it would be nice to explore a rapprochement between Victoria and Reed. However, there are so many other potential pairings. It is nice to have options.

WORST: We want Ravi back, and we want him with Ashley. Once he got past his puppy-dog crush, he had the maturity to handle her, despite his being considerably younger than she is. The show has repeatedly tried to endear the audience to Tessa, but she is dead weight. Time to bail.


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