The Soaps: Tune In Tomorrow

'GH': Faison d'Etre

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Brooke was thrilled to see her daughter Hope, who was living and working in Milan for the past three years. Brooke thanked Ridge for convincing Hope to return to Los Angeles. Hope, who wants Ridge and Brooke to remarry, argued with her brother Rick, who is against the marriage. Sally followed Liam to his hotel room and insisted on being there for him after learning that he walked out on Steffy. Hope realized that Sally has a thing for Liam. Liam stunned Wyatt when he revealed that Bill and Steffy had slept together. Liam quit his job at Spencer and cut all ties with Bill.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Andre warned Vivian to stop gloating over her and Stefan’s successful takeover of DiMera Enterprises, reminding her it wouldn’t have happened without his inside information. Andre also reminded Vivian that Stefan is only CEO of DiMera Enterprises in name only and that Andre is really the one in charge. Andre covered when Kate walked in just after he told Vivian that Kate, Chad and Abigail would never know that they are in cahoots on the DiMera takeover. Vivian blasted Stefan for rehiring Chad and Abigail after they had quit DiMera Enterprises. Lani was going to tell Eli that she is pregnant, until he said that they should forget their one-night stand. J.J., who Lani has been involved with romantically, was thrilled when he learned that she is pregnant. Claire was upset that Theo was sent to a South African facility for a new treatment after his condition worsened.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Sam and Drew learned that they can’t get married legally because she is still married to Jason, who unhappily agreed when Sam asked him for a divorce. Nathan was stunned when Obrecht finally admitted that Faison is his biological father. Nathan calmed Maxie, who worried that Faison would come after their baby. Nathan told Dante that he is going after Faison, who is on the run from the law. Lulu, now an investigative reporter, overheard Nathan, and they teamed up to nail Faison. Jordan told Anna and Finn that Cassandra’s henchman, Erich, killed Cassandra, but Anna knows that he didn’t do it because he was guarding her and Valentin at the time. Nina recalled Valentin helping her by “taking care” of an unconscious Cassandra after she attacked Nina and was stabbed with the syringe of liquid opioid. Niagara Equities employee Jim Harvey, who had dated Franco’s mom, called Franco “Bobby.”

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Graham, who had a judge’s permission and medical power of attorney over Dina, removed her from the Abbott mansion despite Jack, Traci and Ashley’s objections. At the athletic club, J.T. and Victoria witnessed Dina’s attempt to get away from Graham when she learned that he was taking her to a nursing home. Michael told the family that a judge could stop Graham from taking Dina anywhere if they have proof that he might harm her. Abby apologized to Sharon for her one-night stand with Scott in front of Hilary, Mariah, Chelsea, Tessa and Phyllis, who were at Sharon’s “I broke up with Scott” party. Cane, who wants to get back with Lily, asked her to refuse Victoria’s orders to go to Paris on business with Abby to promote Brash & Sassy. J.T. told Victoria that his wife is filing for a divorce. Sharon invited a homeless woman and her kids to stay at her place.


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