The Soaps: Tune In Tomorrow

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Upset with Bill's voracious drive to get what he wants, Liam had papers drawn up forcing Bill to resign from Spencer Publications and name Liam the new CEO of the company. When Bill refused to sign, Liam reminded him that he has a recording of Bill admitting that he was behind the Spectra building fire. After signing the papers, Bill decked Liam in the face. Sally was devastated when Thomas said that he was staying in New York with Caroline. Sally told the Spectra team the good news -- that, with help from Liam, they were back in business.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Hattie was sent back to prison after Hope realized that she was impersonating Marlena. After learning that Andre was at Bayview, Paul realized that John and Marlena were also there, and he and Roman rescued Marlena, John and Andre. Bonnie begged Hattie not to reveal that she, as Adrienne, had been in cahoots with her. Meanwhile, the real Adrienne is in solitary at Statesville Prison. Marlena told John that she thinks Hattie’s accomplice is Adrienne (Bonnie). Rafe, Hope, Eli and Abe rescued Gabi from Raines, who was then sent to prison. Eli revealed that he was fired from the FBI because Gabi had been kidnapped during his watch. Andre entered the DiMera mansion just in time to hear Chad say that he may never trust him. Brady told Nicole that he is OK with her decision to continue working with Eric at the Horton Center, even though she has finished her community service.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Valentin gave Ava the name of the doctor who did his reconstruction surgery after she agreed not to testify against him at the upcoming hearing for custody of Charlotte. Ava signed papers given to her by Valentin and told Lulu, who saw them together, that she had sold Valentin a valuable painting. When Kiki arrived as Ava was leaving, she told Kiki that she was going away to a spa. On the plane to Russia, a woman, Larissa, told Ava that she would be taking her to meet Dr. Bransky, who will be performing her facial reconstruction surgery. Franco, who knows the boy in an old photo with him is a young Jason, was puzzled by the fact that Heather had once said that he and Jason were twins, but recanted her story years ago. Franco told Kiki that he is determined to find out who he really is. Sam balked when Griffin said that Jason should be moved to a long-term medical facility.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Ashley told Dina that she doesn’t trust Graham and has been looking into his past. Dina, believing Graham was out of town, gave Ashley the key to get into his hotel room. Ashley ran into Graham as she exited his room, and made up a quick story. Ashley later told Dina that she'd seen a bill from a retirement home where Graham’s supposedly deceased mother is living. Sharon kept tabs on Alice’s every move via a GPS tracker on her car. Sharon wondered why Alice had adopted Cassie and given her to Sharon and Nick. Victoria and Billy, who were discussing their latest product for Brash & Sassy, were unaware that Phyllis heard part of their conversation. Alice kept Tessa from seeing if her sister Crystal was in Alice’s house. Later, Alice assured Crystal that she would be OK as a man took her from the house.


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