The Soaps: Tune In Tomorrow

'B&B': Caroline, No

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Liam confronted Bill after Wyatt told him about Bill lying to Thomas that Caroline was dying in order to reunite Thomas, Caroline and their son, Douglas. In a threatening tone, Bill warned Liam not to interfere. Bill refused when Caroline wanted to tell Thomas that she is not dying. Steffy, who wants Caroline and Thomas together, also told Liam to keep mum about the deception. Eric tore up the divorce papers that Quinn had signed after she apologized for hurting him, said she loved him and started to walk away. Katie and Wyatt decided to fight their budding romance.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Steve tried to talk down Tripp, who held a scalpel to Kayla’s throat. After Steve lied that he'd killed Tripp’s mother, Ava, to protect her, Kayla lied to Tripp that she'd killed Ava because of all the things Ava had done to Kayla’s family. Joey entered the room, and seeing Tripp threatening Kayla with a scalpel, he confessed to killing Ava. Steve, Kayla and Joey told Tripp that they loved him. Tripp decided to leave Salem. Paul told Sonny that Victor was behind Deimos’ murder. Victor told Brady that he'd hired Xander to kill Deimos, adding that he had later called off the hit and escorted Xander back to Greece. Brady didn’t believe Victor, who said he would find someone to blame for Deimos’ death. John was stunned when Marlena (actually Hattie) dumped him. The real Marlena woke up in Bayview. Hattie broke Bonnie out of prison.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: A hospitalized Sonny, who was rescued by Carly and Dante, remembered the confrontation between him and Sam at the abandoned distillery. Learning that Garvey had died from his wound, Carly said that he deserved it for shooting Sonny, but she didn’t hear a woozy Sonny say that Garvey didn’t shoot him. Sonny woke up and saw Sam standing by his hospital bed. Sam said she'd had a memory of shooting Sonny, who told her that she'd shot him and kicked him down into the shaft. Kiki, with help from Griffin, convinced Ava to attend group therapy sessions at the hospital. Valentin told Ava that he will tell her about a procedure to remove the scars from her face if she recants her courtroom testimony that she saw Valentin shoot Nikolas. Hayden’s father, Raymond (who is in prison), suggested that she avoid Jared’s blackmail threat by telling Finn about the young girl she ran down years ago.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Victoria was shocked to realize that she'd spent the night with Benjamin Hochman after drinking a lot of wine and coming on to him. Billy quizzed Benjamin about whether he is trying to buy Brash & Sassy, which is having financial trouble, with the intention of selling it off, but Benjamin said that his interest is in Victoria. Hilary delighted in telling Jack that Victoria slept with Benjamin. Nick realized that the games had just begun after Victor told him that he was no longer a “Newman.” Nick realized that if he wants to be his own man, he must cut ties with Victor. Victor was amused when Abby questioned why Scott would want to do an expose on sex trafficking in the Midwest. Jordan told Lily that Hilary got a part in a TV commercial that Lily had wanted. Devon noted that Mariah and Tessa seem to be getting very close. Juliet showed Cane an ultrasound of her baby.


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