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Laur Allen on Juliet, Acting and 'Y&R' Drama

Laur Allen doesn’t have a Twitter account, so she is likely avoiding a slew of mean tweets from “The Young and the Restless” fans furious that her character, Juliet, is coming between supercouple Cane and Lily.

“To be honest, I don’t concern myself too much with that,” announces Allen. “The way I see it, if I’m pissing some people off, I’m probably doing my job. Jason (Thompson, Billy) actually pulled me aside and said, ‘Embrace the drama.’ So that is my mantra.”

Allen’s been at the center of plenty of it since Juliet was fired and decided to use a drunken one-night-stand with co-worker Cane to sue for sexual harassment.

“I was shocked at first,” says the actress upon learning of the story turn. “Then, I thought, 'OK. This is a challenge. How do I rise to it?' I became excited to do some research into how this plays out in the real world. I talked to one of our executive producers, who said this was an opportunity for me to represent women who have gone through or are going through similar experiences. I could really get behind that aspect of it.”

Allen is also excited about the “opportunity to shake up some drama and have a major storyline.” She adds, “I relish playing someone who has different angles and might be getting her hands a little dirty. That’s the fun of acting.”

It’s been a long road for Allen, who first fell in love with the profession during her junior-high years.

“Then, I pushed it aside as a fantasy,” explains Allen. “I ended up starting to work for a production company when I was in high school and (had a behind-the-scenes job) up until I made the switch (to acting) a few years ago. I even worked at Sony in television marketing, which was fun because I helped with the 40th anniversary for ‘The Young and the Restless.’”

During her time at Sony, Allen ended up participating in the Miss Los Angeles Chinatown pageant, “which I had not expected to do,” admits Allen. “Pageants were not on my radar. That opened my mind up to a whole other aspect of me.

“I had definitely had a plan,” she continues. “I decided to do production, even though I loved acting. Production was more acceptable for me and, culturally, I think that also came into play. After Miss L.A. Chinatown, I realized I had a lot more strength than I thought. I ended up being the face of something and going to Hong Kong and participating in an international pageant. When I came back to the U.S., I made the decision to switch (to acting). I talked to my boss at Sony, and she said, 'Now is the time to roll the dice.’ I’ve been acting ever since.”

Landing the role of Juliet on “Y&R” is Allen’s first big break.

“Before this, I had done a lot of indie films and worked on the production end of things,” shares Allen. “So it’s my first time truly being on a TV show and having the opportunity to develop a character. It’s my first opportunity working with professional ... TV actors, and I’ve learned so much from them. I’m enjoying every moment of it.”