The Soaps: Tune In Tomorrow

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Ridge went for Thomas’ throat after Bill burst into his office and said that Thomas had given Sally mega-bucks to pay off Spectra’s debt, which will keep them in business. Ridge immediately confronted Thomas, in front of Sally, and fired him from Forrester. Sally tried to take the blame for Thomas’ firing, but he said his investment in Spectra is a new opportunity. Ridge failed to convince Brooke not to marry Bill, and later she and Bill exchanged vows in a small, intimate ceremony. Nicole and Zende, who want to start a family, learned that it may not be possible.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Abigail cried on Dario’s shoulder after telling him that she had filed for divorce from Chad. Abigail apologized to Dario, but he insisted it was OK and said that he knows she only thinks of him as a friend. In Greece, Chad was stunned to get word that Abigail had filed for a divorce, and refused Hope’s suggestion that he call her, because he believes she is moving on with Dario. As Chad was thinking about good times with Abigail, a supposedly cursed amulet that he had purchased from a mystery man fell out of his jacket pocket. Back in Salem, Dario, who was born in Mexico and is about to be deported, proposed to Abigail, because marrying an American citizen would prevent his deportation. With permission from the ISA, John returned to Salem to be with Brady, whose condition worsened. Jade gave Tripp a number of reasons why Kayla would have killed Ava.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: At Anna’s house, Valentin said that Nina had left him because of her. An unsympathetic Anna went on about their having feelings for each other and her trying to fight them because of his marriage, but now they could be together. As they were about to kiss, Valentin jerked the chimera necklace off Anna’s neck, saying that all she wanted was the chimera. Valentin then prepared to strangle “Anna” after telling her he knew she was Anna’s twin sister, Dr. Alexandra (aka Alex) Merick. Later, Valentin told Nina he'd made sure that “Anna” would never bother them again. Meanwhile, at a clinic in London owned by Alex, the real Anna is being kept sedated by Dr. Lancaster. Anna came to, told Nurse Caroline her name and the details of her plight, and was then able to sedate the doctor in order to escape. Michael is helping Nelle, whose single kidney was bruised during an attack on the dock.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Ashley was upset when Abby said that she had called her grandmother Dina because she wanted to know more about her and hoped to somehow bring the family back together, but added that she'd never mentioned she was Dina’s granddaughter. Ashley warned Abby that Dina is not to be trusted. Ashley was later surprised and upset to be confronted by Dina at the Abbott mansion. Phyllis was not happy when Billy left for Los Angeles with Victoria, Cane and Lily for a photo shoot for Brash & Sassy client Dare Cologne. Though she knows Billy and Phyllis have rekindled their former romance, Victoria got cozy with Billy in hopes they would get back together. Devon told Michael that he considered Dina being on the board of Mergeron Enterprises, now that they own the company, a plus, while Neil was somewhat worried about the arrangement.


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