The Soaps: Tune In Tomorrow

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Coco and Thomas were stunned when they realized that the Spectra fashions were knockoffs of Forrester designs. Coco blasted Shirley and Sally after learning that they planted cameras in the jewelry that Shirley had given her. Jarrett announced to the attendees that the Spectra fashions weren’t originals, but they placed orders anyway. Thomas told Sally that he would have helped her become a designer, but refused when she asked for a second chance. Ridge realized that Katie was out for revenge when she asked Quinn for a job at Forrester in front of Eric. Brooke and Bill reunited.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Marlena raced off to be reunited with John, who has been away on a mystery assignment for six months. At a motel, John told Marlena that he was still working the case, but couldn’t stay away from her any longer. After making love and getting caught up, John told Marlena that he had to leave again to work on his case, but would soon be coming home for good. Marlena was furious when she ran into Eli in the park with Gabi, and quickly reminded him that Gabi had killed Nick. Marlena passed out while arguing with Gabi and was hospitalized. Marlena didn’t accept Gabi’s apology for upsetting her, and the two threatened each other. Chad tried to talk to Abigail, who walked out on him “so he could be with Gabi.” Fearing Scooter lured Nicole to a motel, Brady went after her, but found Scooter and Hillary in bed. Eric told Chloe to patch things up with Nicole for Holly’s sake.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: While standing on the dock thinking about her marriage to Julian, Alexis was stunned when a very much alive Julian grabbed her from behind. After making love with Alexis at a motel, Julian revealed that Hooper had saved him after Olivia Jerome shot him. Julian told Alexis that he had to disappear again, but she refused to go with him and said goodbye to him just as Sam, Jason and a couple cops (acting on info from Hooper) burst into the room and arrested Julian, who was taken to jail. Larry interrupted Olivia Falconeri and Ned’s engagement celebration. Tracy and Monica welcomed Olivia Falconeri to the family. Ned and Olivia later caught Larry trying to steal the painting of Tracy after she nixed giving him a finder’s fee for it. Samira Adin, who is from Turkey, wants the painting of Tracy to pay off human traffickers who kidnapped her daughter. Tracy realized that Samira may be Edward’s daughter.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: While on a business trip to New York City, Ashley met with her sister Traci and talked a lot about Ravi, praising his work at Jabot as a web designer. Traci was pleased to realize that Ashley is a little too enthusiastic about Ravi, and after meeting him, Traci said that she liked him. Ravi met with two friends, Chad and Harper, who, after meeting Ashley, told Ravi that they are sure Ashley likes him. Worried that she might slip and tell Billy that Victor helped Chloe get out of town, Victoria agreed with Billy that she was a bit hard on Reed when she insisted that he reject Victor's birthday gift of a new car. Abby was thrilled when Victor said that he was naming her acting CEO of Newman Enterprises while goes out of town on a business trip. At Brash & Sassy, Cane worried when he learned that Juliet had set up a public relations tour for Lily.


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