The Soaps: Tune In Tomorrow

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Nicole and Zende were married in a romantic setting at the Forrester mansion, with Maya as the matron of honor and Rick as the best man. Zende’s parents, Kristen and Antonio, flew in for the wedding. Nicole was pleased that her father, Julius, also attended. Zende had commissioned a portrait of Nicole, which was hung above the mantel in the mansion during the ceremony. Saul refused to help Sally crash the wedding to let the Forresters, especially Steffy, know that Spectra Fashions is back. After Ridge and Quinn kissed, she tried to fight the sexual tension between them.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Hope returned to Salem after learning that the charges against her for Stefano's murder were dropped and that she is free, but must face charges for her prison escape. Eric refused to return to Salem with Hope. Everyone was surprised when Rafe brought Hope to Steve and Kayla’s Valentine’s Day remarriage ceremony. In Prague, Steve and Shane recalled removing Stefano’s body from the coffin months ago and replacing it with another body, and with Shane disguised as Stefano, pulling off their scheme to make it seem like Stefano was alive to help Hope get on with her life. As Steve and Shane looked at surveillance photos of “Stefano” feeding some birds, they worried that Stefano may really be alive, as it wasn’t Shane in the photo. Adrienne, Jennifer, Anne and Shane’s twin, Drew, plan to delete the Orwell spyware program from Titan’s computers. Julie was told that her estranged son, David, had died.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Sonny and Carly made love after he told her that Jason had prevented him from killing Ava, whom he thought caused Morgan’s death. Sonny was cleared of Morgan’s death after Jason gave Jordan the surveillance video of Julian (and Olivia). Ava said she was framed after being brought to the police department and arrested for the car-bomb death of Morgan. Olivia told Julian that she planted the evidence against Ava and said that Ava deserves what she gets for the evil she has done, but has never paid for. Ava didn't tell anyone she switched Morgan’s meds for placebos before his death. Sonny confronted Nelle after finding the bra she put in his bed, and warned her that if she did anything to hurt Carly or his family, she would die. Nelle plans to tell Carly that Sonny slept with her. Former WSB trainer Carl Browning told Anna that she once put Valentin on a hit list.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Jill accepted a check from Victoria to Chancellor Industries for the purchase of Brash & Sassy, shortly after agreeing to sell the company to Cane if he could raise the money, which he couldn’t. Victoria told Cane that she wanted him to stay with the company, but he had to be a team player. Billy took Jill to the hospital when she suffered severe stomach pains after she argued with Colin, who drained her personal bank accounts and then made a bad “investment.” Cane was surprised to learn that Lily knows photographer Jordan Wilde, whom Billy hired for a Brash & Sassy photo shoot. Ashley warned Jack to get his personal life under control, or she would take full control of Jabot. On Valentine’s Day, Lauren told Michael that she'd received overseas phone calls, but couldn’t hear the caller, whom she thinks was her oldest son, Scott. Sharon asked Victor to use his contacts to find Dylan.


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