The Soaps: Tune In Tomorrow

'GH': You're Still in the Navy, Now!

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Eric complimented Thorne’s fashion designs and welcomed him back into the Forrester Creations fold. When Sheila ran into Thorne, she didn’t waste any time telling him about Ridge and Quinn’s affair. Ridge fumed when he learned that Thorne is living at Brooke’s home while looking for his own place, and thus doubled his efforts to win Brooke back, despite her resistance. Steffy told Bill that she couldn’t go through with admitting to Liam that she slept with Bill, whom she swore to secrecy. Thorne and Ridge came to blows while arguing over Brooke.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Shawn and Belle told Hope that they'd returned to Salem after learning that Theo was shot and in a comatose state, adding that Ciara (Hope’s daughter) came with them. After the hospital refused to let Ciara see Theo, she blamed Claire for Theo’s condition and vowed to make Claire pay. Ciara also wrongly accused Claire of cheating on Theo with Tripp. Sami and Rafe made love after crying on each other's shoulders about Hope’s split with Rafe and Will wanting Sami out of his life. Rafe hid when Hope showed up at Sami’s hotel room and thus heard Sami urge Hope to make up with him. Guiltily, Rafe accepted when Hope proposed to him. Will went to see Paul after Belle told him about Paul and Will’s past romance, and planted a kiss on a stunned Paul. Realizing what had happened, Sonny broke up with Paul. Lucas refused when Kate offered to pay for it if he would go to rehab.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Andre admitted being paid by an anonymous person to use his mind-mapping design on Jason (No. 6) after his “disappearance” and Andrew (Drew), after he went missing from the Navy. Spinelli proved Andrew’s identity from fingerprints on file with the Navy. Jason assured Sam that everything would work out, and later Sam told Andrew that she loves him and their daughter and that she is staying with him. The Quartermaine clan welcomed both Jason and Andrew to the family. Kim arrived at Sam and Andrew’s home wanting to talk about her son Oscar, but was interrupted when Naval officer Locke arrived to arrest Andrew for desertion. Franco decided not to tell Elizabeth that he'd burned the paper that revealed which Jason was the real one after accepting her marriage proposal. Using an over-the-counter DNA test kit, Josslyn sent off a mouth swab from Oscar and a glass used by Andrew.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Hilary panicked after Jordan released nude photos of her that she had posed for years ago, and the sponsors for her “Hilary Hour” on "GC Buzz" dropped out. Hilary's distress was compounded when she learned that her national commercial had been canceled because she violated her contract morality clause. Chelsea took pleasure in pointing out to Hilary that Jordan had gotten revenge for everyone Hilary ever did wrong on her TV show. Victor attempted to blackmail Chelsea into bringing Connor to the Newman family Christmas tree lighting party by threatening to reveal that Nick is not Christian’s birth father. Lily donated blood for the life-saving surgery that Cane’s infant son Sam needed. Later, Lily was uncomfortable and rushed off after Cane put Sam in her arms. When Hilary arrived at the hospital, Cane was surprised that she hit it off with baby Sam immediately. Ravi accepted Victoria’s job offer.


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