The Soaps: Tune In Tomorrow

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Bill denied it when Steffy asked if he had slept with her as a way of getting revenge against Liam. Steffy told Bill, who was outside the doctor’s office, that a paternity test proved that Liam, not Bill, is the father of her baby. Katie let Thorne move in after Brooke kicked him out. Brooke was thrilled when Ridge arranged for her sister Donna to join her and Katie for the annual Christmas celebration hosted by Eric for the Forrester, Logan, Spencer and Avant family members. Everyone sang Christmas songs while Eric accompanied them on the piano.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: J.J. was surprised when Abe said he forgave him for shooting Theo, adding that J.J. had been doing his job as a police officer. At the hospital, Abe, Valerie, Claire, Ciara and J.J. visited an unconscious Theo, and when they said they would never stop loving him, a Christmas miracle occurred and Theo suddenly opened his eyes. After spending the night with J.J., Gabi talked him out of committing suicide and made him promise to get professional help. Valerie told Lani that Abe had forgiven J.J. and then encouraged Lani not to give up on her relationship with J.J. Lani and J.J. reunited, but she felt guilty for sleeping with Eli, especially when she learned that nothing had happened between J.J. and Gabi. Lani also learned that Gabi talked J.J. out of committing suicide. Abigail realized that Andre loves Kate. Hope was reinstated as police commissioner. Belle and Shawn left town.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Laura and Kevin’s Christmas wedding almost didn’t come off due to the lack of a minister caused by the snowstorm that hit Port Charles. Kevin and Laura did say their “I do’s” after her mother, Lesley, who made it despite the storm, had her Italian boyfriend, Marcello, legally perform the ceremony as Lesley translated his Italian into English for the guests, who ended up stranded at the church. The storm ruined T.J. and Molly’s plan for a family Christmas dinner at their new apartment, until Julian let them have it at his new bar. No one was happy when Nelle, stranded in the snow, crashed Carly and Sonny’s family holiday gathering. Anna gave Finn a bug to put in Cassandra’s phone after he agreed to finish her new opioid formula. Carly is plotting to reunite Sam and Jason. Sonny assured Drew that he still considers him a friend.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: In a special Christmas episode, Sharon and Mariah searched for the perfect gift and ended up giving each other blouses that were exactly the same. Hilary interviewed Devon, who sponsored a charity toy drive on her TV show, and Hilary was reminded of her childhood past when a teacher sent in a letter to Santa Claus that she had written as a child. On their first Christmas together, Phyllis arranged for Billy to have skydiving lessons, and although his gift arrived late, Billy gave Phyllis five golden rings. While in Chancellor Park, an encounter with a homeless woman and thoughts of Katherine reminded Nikki of what Christmas is all about. Nikki agreed when Victor suggested that they renew their marriage vows on New Year’s Eve. Deciding not to sell Chancellor, Jill made Billy and Cane co-CEOs of the company.


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