The Soaps: Tune In Tomorrow

'GH': The Two Jasons (and a Jake)

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Bill set off the explosion to destroy the Spectra building and then learned that Liam and Sally were in the building. Steffy and Bill, along with a rescue team, were eventually able to rescue Liam and Sally, who were pinned under some concrete. In their hospital room, Sally reminded Liam of the consequences if he told Steffy that he and Sally kissed when they thought they were going to die. Brooke reconsidered her decision to stay with Bill after learning that he nearly killed Liam for a skyscraper. Wyatt worried that Bill will learn he’s sleeping with Katie.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: At a bar in Memphis, Paul was shocked when he saw Will (or a Will look-alike) bartending. Paul was about to tell John and Marlena that he saw Will, when they told him that Susan insisted that Rolf had not been able to resurrect Will, despite saying that he had. Susan told Roger Fisher that Will’s loved ones still think he may be alive. Lucas warned Sami that Susan might kill her because she blames Sami for E.J.’s death. Paul almost told John that he had seen Will, but kept mum when he realized that if Will is alive, he would lose Sonny. Tripp was curious after interrupting Kate and Theo, who was trying to find out who has been hacking into DiMera Enterprises. Eve taunted Victor and Brady that as Deimos’ wife she owns the majority of stock in Basic Black, the family company. Despite failing to frame Eve for Deimos’ murder, Brady vowed to take her down.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Amy was shocked that her brother, a former Marine who was wounded in Afghanistan, was in the hospital because of an opioid overdose. Sam and Elizabeth, who both have a past and a child with the “real” Jason, are at odds as to who is Jason -- Sam’s husband or Patient No. 6. Elizabeth told No. 6 that Jason had a twin, Andrew, who died, and that Helena faked the death of their son. Jake, who returned from the dead while Jason was presumed dead. Jason and Sam confronted Franco after getting a copy of Andrew’s death certificate from Curtis. Franco told Jason about Andrew. Franco knows who the real Jason is but won’t tell, as both Jasons want him to pay for his past evil deeds. Anna convinced Valentin to help her bring down Cassandra, who wants him to join her opioid import operation. Finn is also helping Anna. Nelle is blackmailing Valentin.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Sharon was shocked to see Crystal, Tessa’s sister, who had broken into Crimson Lights after leaving the safe house. Crystal told Sharon and Tessa that someone had been watching the safe house and she thought she had seen Alice, who supposedly disappeared, standing outside the house. Sharon and Scott urged Paul to step up the investigation into Zack and the sex ring. Sharon asked Crystal, who, seeing a photo of Zack, verified that he is the boss of the sex ring, to tell the police. After agreeing to sell Brash & Sassy to Newman Enterprises, Victor and Victoria completed the deal by his making Victoria COO of Newman Enterprises. Victor and Victoria decided to publicly reveal their deal during a party that Victor arranged to celebrate Abby’s DesignDate app, without telling Abby. Billy, who was injured, saved the kids at The Underground, which burned down.


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