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Daniel Hall Likes Giving Back

Daniel Hall (Scott, “The Young and the Restless”) is a man who likes to give back, be it environmentally or through his charity work. The actor supports two causes that are near and dear to his heart: The Art of Elysium and Kind Traveler.

“One of the main players of The Art of Elysium is James Franco (ex-Franco, 'General Hospital'),” explains Hall, about the charity that empowers people in need to triumph over their circumstances through the arts. “The section that I work in is music and acting, which is run by Shannon Going. Mainly, what I do is help children who are terminally ill or dealing with major anxiety or social disorders. We go in and help them through the arts, encourage them to choose and decide what they want to do for one or two hours that we’re there. We give them the opportunity to choose what kind of entertainment and choose what kind of activities they want to do, because most of their day is being prodded and poked by nurses and mothers and being told what to eat and do. We come in and give them the freedom to be themselves.”

Hall’s other cause, Kind Traveler, “is basically a shrinking-your-carbon-footprint-as-you-travel type of company,” he says. “It’s probably something the (Leonardo) DiCaprios of the world would get behind, as far as being all about saving the planet ... Kind Traveler is about setting up what kind of charity you’re into. Then, when you travel to a specific hotel, if they are in the program, you give a minimum of $10 and get up to 25 percent off your hotel stay. So, it’s a give-and-get platform. You end up saving on your hotel, even when you’re giving money to charity. It’s a real win-win. They’re giving back to the local communities, and you’re helping while traveling.”


On Nov. 8, a handsome newcomer to daytime television, war veteran Chris Van Etten, arrives in Port Charles on “General Hospital.” Van Etten’s “GH” role came about in a very different way, via his Twitter account, in which he noted he was receiving congratulations on his being promoted to co-head writer of “GH.” After realizing the Chris Van Etten the tweets were referring to was “the other” Chris Van Etten (named “GH” co-head writer this past July), Van Etten tweeted congratulations to his showbiz counterpart. The result of that tweet brought about a meeting with the show’s casting director and Van Etten landing the role of Chet Driscoll, who is the brother of Amy Driscoll (played by Risa Dorken).

Van Etten lost both of his legs and a close friend while serving in the Marines in Afghanistan, and after a medical discharge, he received prosthetic legs. After much strength training, he became a successful fitness model for companies like Jockey underwear.

In the storyline, Chet, like Van Etten, is a wounded war veteran who served in Afghanistan. Chet’s story will help viewers see what wounded veterans go through.

Jeffrey Vincent Parise, who played Carlos Rivera on “General Hospital,” is now playing the role of Asmodeus on the CW’s prime-time series “Supernatural,” which began its new season Oct. 12.


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