The Soaps: Tune In Tomorrow

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Ridge was not thrilled that his half-brother Thorne, who was living in Paris, returned to Los Angeles for good. Eric was quite happy to have Thorne home. Thorne, who unlike Ridge, is a Forrester by blood, has plans to take over Forrester Creations. Ridge fumed when Thorne accepted Brooke’s invitation to live with her until he gets a place. Thorne told Brooke that he knows she is divorcing Bill. Brooke denied it when Ridge told Thorne that they are together. Pam and Eric learned that Sheila is still in town. Bill told Liam that he is going to build his skyscraper, but will also help Spectra rebuild.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Gabi arranged for Will to spend time with his daughter, Arianna, who was shy, but eventually ran to him and hugged him. Will apologized for not recognizing Marlena, Gabi and especially Arianna. Will insisted that Marlena hypnotize him in hopes he would regain his memory, but it did not work. Hoping to jog Will’s memory, Sami paid someone to break Ben out of the mental hospital to force Ben to re-create for Will the moment in which Ben supposedly “killed” Will, but Ben couldn’t go through with the plan. When Hope refused Abe’s order to fire J.J. from the police force, Abe fired her and named Rafe the new police commissioner. Hope broke up with Rafe because he took over her job. Feeling bad about Theo being shot while working for her, Kate sneaked into his hospital room and begged him to wake from his coma. Ciara suddenly returned to Salem.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: At Sonny and Carly’s home, Oscar’s mother, Kim, was stunned to see “Drew” (Patient No. 6), whom she claimed was a friend. Jason realized that Josslyn and Oscar were up to something when they came to talk to him, but didn’t realize that they think he is Oscar’s father. After reminiscing about everything that happened between her and Julian, Alexis went to the Floating Rib bar and was stunned to see Julian. Julian told Alexis that he is awaiting a new trial, has an ankle bracelet and could end up back in prison. On a tip, Curtis and Jordan found Andre in Cuba and took him back to Port Charles. After Andre revealed the results of his memory mapping research, Sam was left having to decide if she wants to be with Jason or Andrew. Ava was about to go under the knife of shady plastic surgeon Dr. Zajack for an illegal procedure when Griffin burst into the room and talked her out of it.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: While Paul was quizzing Nick about the fire at his club, The Underground, Victor, who was at the police station for questioning about Zack and the DesignDate app, told Paul and Nick that a burned photo found in the fire was of Dina’s former lover Brent Davis. Later, Jack showed Dina the burned photo of Brent, and she began to cry. Dina recalled striking a match to burn the photo and asked Jack if he thought she caused the fire. Jack took a leave of absence to care for Dina, put Ashley in charge of Jabot and broke up with Nikki after telling her that Dina has Alzheimer’s. Victor accused Christine of gunning for him and told her he did not know Zack was laundering sex-ring money through Newman Enterprises. Tessa told Nikki that it was her fault Crystal stole Nikki’s gun and used it to kill Zack. Juliet died giving birth to her and Cane's son, Sam, who is gravely ill.


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