The Soaps: Tune In Tomorrow

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Liam fumed when Bill announced that he was going to demolish the Spectra building and build his skyscraper, “SKY,” on the site. Liam was shocked when Bill revealed that the Spectra site was part of the Spencer Trust and therefore Liam didn’t have the right to give the building to Sally. Liam organized a sit-in with Sally and the others at Spectra and refused to leave when the demolition crew arrived. Quinn and Eric believe that Sheila is out of their lives -- but is she?

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Eve told Victor and Brady that she married Deimos after leaving Salem, but before his death he dumped her and left to find Nicole. In Memphis, a lead that Sami, Marlena, John, Paul and Sonny were following in hopes of finding out if Will is dead or alive led them to the home of an Elvis impersonator. The Elvis impersonator told the group he didn’t know Will, but teased that he is the real Elvis, whom Dr. Rolf resurrected from the dead. In the ruckus that followed, Sonny hit his head and was knocked out. Justin was able to get Sami off after she assaulted a cop. Returning to the “Elvis” house, John, Sami and Marlena were stunned to come face-to-face with wacky Susan Banks, who possibly knows something about Will. In Memphis, Adrienne saw Lucas, who has moved on, and told him it was Bonnie, posing as Adrienne, who broke up with him. Adrienne then reunited with Justin.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: During the Aurora Media party, two of Dr. Klein’s thugs burst in with guns and Elizabeth was wounded, but not seriously. Dr. Klein injected Sam, who collapsed, and took her from the party. Patient No. 6 jumped through a skylight, went after Klein and rescued Sam after Klein threw her in the river. At Sonny’s place, Jason wanted to know who the mystery man was and where Sam was, just as No. 6 arrived with Sam. Jason was shocked to see that No. 6 looked like him before his facial surgery. Franco confronted Andre, who admitted to working on a project with Dr. Klein that involved tampering with the minds of Jason and Andrew. Andre refused to tell Franco which man is Jason and which man is Andrew. After talking to No. 6, Carly said that she believes he is Jason. Carly told No. 6 that Jason loves Sam. Sam was stunned to see No. 6 when he walked into her hospital room.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Victoria, who passed out during her TV interview, learned that someone had added a dangerous chemical to the jar of Brash & Sassy beauty mask that she had been using. Billy accused Jack of doing the deed, but he denied it, as did Gloria after Ashley reminded her that she'd once done the same thing to a Jabot face cream. Abby was stunned when Scott admitted that he woke up in a motel room to find Natalia, a prostitute, dead beside him. Scott, who had used Zack’s (and Abby’s) Design Date app to set up his meet with Natalia, accused Zack of setting him up and of using the app as a front for a sex ring. Jack and Ashley brought Dina back to Genoa City after learning that Graham had taken her to Florida. At the Underground, Reed, Charlie and Mattie, who waited for friends invited to a secret party, heard someone come in and then realized the place was on fire.


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