The Soaps: Tune In Tomorrow

'B&B': The Medium Is the Massage

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: After making it clear their trip to San Francisco was “business only,” Liam and Sally met with the architects who had designed Bill’s Spencer Tower, and settled on the design for the new Spectra building. Steffy warned Liam that Bill had vowed to make him pay big-time for ousting Bill from Spencer Publications and will wreak serious revenge on him if Brooke doesn’t return to Bill. Eric warned Mateo not to betray his trust after Mateo, who is a massage therapist, kneaded Quinn’s back. Mateo accepted Sheila’s offer of money to break up Quinn and Eric.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Eric was surprised when Nicole showed up at the farmhouse, confronted him about his leaving town because he loved her, and then admitted loving him. Nicole returned home after spending the night with Eric and was met by Brady, who realized that she had made love with Eric. Brady ordered Nicole to leave town or he would see that she goes to prison for murdering Deimos, and thus would never see her daughter, Holly, again. Hope quizzed Ben, who told her about a visit from Clyde when he was at Bayview hospital. Sonny and Paul were skeptical when Hope said that Clyde had led Ben to believe he didn’t kill Will. At Statesville prison, Adrienne saw “Marlena” (actually Hattie), who admitted that she was impersonating Marlena. Adrienne begged Hattie to get her out of the prison. Adrienne (actually Bonnie) told Victor that if he doesn’t marry her, she will tell Hope that he was behind Deimos’ murder.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: On the ship to Port Charles, Patient No. 6 found another stowaway, Huxley, the con man who once kidnapped Ava and Spencer. Seeing the date on a newspaper and on Huxley’s cellphone, Patient No. 6 realized that he'd lost five years of his life. Griffin denied calling Sam, who said that she received a call while he was in Russia. Griffin later learned that the man who borrowed his phone (Patient No. 6) had made the call. Elizabeth wanted to tell Jason after Franco revealed to her that Betsy had confessed that Jason had had a twin, Andrew, who died when he was 3, but ultimately didn't tell him. Jason made a mysterious call to Julian, who is in prison, and arranged a trip to New York City for him and Sam. Morgan’s family got together on the first anniversary of his death. Michael hired Curtis to check out Nelle’s past. Kristina and Parker reunited. Alexis and Dr. David Bensch went on a date.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Nick worried about Sharon’s safety after they learned that Alice had been deliberately struck by a hit-and-run driver after she helped rescue Crystal from the sex ring. At the hospital, Sharon and Scott, who were unaware that Zack was watching them through a window, realized that Alice was missing. Traci did some digging into Graham’s past and from a school yearbook learned that Graham’s last name was Davis. When Traci showed the yearbook to Ashley, she was stunned to realize that Graham’s last name was the same as her biological father, Brent Davis. Phyllis was devastated when she learned that Billy had used her laptop to hack into the Jabot server to get information on Jabot’s business plans. Ashley’s awards party for Innovator of the Year from the cosmetics industry was left in shambles after Jack had Hilary cover the event for her TV gossip show.


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