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'B&B': Quinn, Bad Medicine Woman

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: When Steffy moved in with Thomas, Liam blamed Quinn, but Steffy said that Eric wanted her to leave Liam. Steffy pointed out that she wasn't setting the right example of a company CEO by living with Liam while still married to Wyatt, but promised Liam that she would return to him after her divorce is final. Ridge told Brooke that his plan to get Quinn out of their lives was working, but didn't mention that it involves his flirting with Quinn. Ivy made Quinn swear that she has no feelings for Ridge after seeing them in the steam room. Katie is trying to stay on Quinn's good side.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: At the prison, Rafe told Hope that he believes Stefano may be alive, and if he is, then Hope, who is in prison for killing him, would eventually be freed. Rafe, Steve, Paul and Marlena headed for Prague after learning of a Stefano sighting there. Chad told Andre that he didn't want to hear anything about Stefano's status. Before leaving, Rafe visited Hope in the prison infirmary after she had been stabbed in a fight with Coco and Sheila. Steve and Kayla consoled Joey after Jade had a miscarriage. Gabi told J.J. that she was done with him for good after learning he betrayed her by sleeping with Lani. Brady, who looked for proof that Nicole is baby Holly's real mother, was unaware that Chloe's mother, Nancy, switched out the baby's DNA sample. Kate kept mum after learning that Eduardo had stolen some microchips from DiMera Enterprises. Valerie confronted Theo for putting a "bug" in her purse.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Lulu and Dante were stunned when Nina and Valentin announced they had gotten married, and Lulu accused them of tying the knot in order to make it harder for her to get custody of Charlotte. Nina looked forward to being a mother figure for Charlotte. Valentin assured a worried Nina that Claudette would not be returning for Charlotte. Maxie and Nathan's wedding didn't come off, as she had the flu and Nathan learned that he is still married to Claudette, who never filed their divorce papers. Franco vowed to find Tom's killer, assuring Elizabeth that it wasn't him. Julian panicked when he learned that Jason and Sam know about Rudge, who works with him and their mystery boss. Alexis told Diane that she was with Tom the night he died, but doesn't remember anything more. Alexis heard Franco ask a bartender about the woman who had been with Tom. Carly and Sonny reunited.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Christine and Kevin warned Dylan to be careful before he left town on an undercover assignment as "Derek Young" to capture drug dealer/murderer Luther Fisk. Sharon was in tears when Dylan (who thinks he may not return) left, telling her that he won't be able to contact her or reveal his destination. Victoria's son Reed showed up on her doorstep and begged to live with her because he didn't want to go with his father, J.T., who is moving to Poland for his job. Devon confronted Hilary after learning that she had caused Mariah's fall on live TV and had been lying to him and using him to get what she wanted. As Neil blasted Hilary for pushing Devon too far, they learned that Devon was seriously injured in a high-speed car accident and undergoing surgery. Chelsea and Nick came very close to making love while spending New Year's Eve together.


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