The Soaps: Tune In Tomorrow

'Y&R': Farewell to a Legend

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Rick ended his relationship with Maya after she admitted spending the night with Carter. Caroline didn't waste time moving in on Rick while he was down and jumped at the chance when Rick wanted to give their love another try. Maya decided that Caroline was better for Rick than she is. Carter rushed to comfort Maya after her split with Rick and told her he wanted to be more than a friend. After being physically and verbally attacked by Wyatt, Bill threw him out of Spencer Publications, the Spencer house and the family. Katie rejected Brooke's attempt to reconcile with her.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: E.J. made Sami realize that the "deal" she hoped prosecutor Melinda Trask would accept to get Sami a lesser sentence could land them both in prison for years. Sami and E.J. decided they needed proof that Bernardi was a dirty cop and that Sami killed him before he could kill Rafe. J.J. panicked when the police arrested him for selling drugs in the park. J.J. was unaware that his pal Cole had set him up. Daniel consoled Jennifer, who let J.J. know how disappointed she has been in him since his return to Salem. When he found a book of matches from the hotel where it happened, Eric flashed back to the night that Kristen drugged and seduced him. Eric was stunned when Brady said he asked Kristen to marry him again. Gabi blackmailed Sonny into keeping quiet when he learned she slept with Nick. Roman refused to help Marlena check into Kristen's mysterious past.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: When Patrick wanted full custody of the baby, Britt told him that he isn't her baby's father, and that Brad was the sperm donor. Britt admitted to Nikolas that she lied about Patrick being the baby's father to keep him from ending their romance. Spinelli came close to telling Dante and Lulu that he and Maxie are the baby's parents when they accused Maxie of wanting to keep the baby. Spinelli was angry with Maxie for not telling Dante and Lulu early on that the baby wasn't theirs. A gun Morgan gave the police turned out to be the one used to kill Connie. A.J. told Diane, who is his lawyer, that he threatened Connie but he doesn't remember pulling the trigger. Sam kissed Silas after he told her the bone marrow transplant between Derek and Danny is a go. Carly was with Franco when he was discharged from the hospital in time for his pre-trial hearing. Dante got a phone call that made him think Sonny had been a shooting victim.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Katherine's memorial service was held in the park. Father Todd Williams (played by Jeanne Cooper's real-life son Corbin Bernsen) presided over the service and read a favorite poem of Katherine's. Danny Romalotti sang a song at the memorial. Danny was pleased to see Gina. Nikki and Victor welcomed Gina while Jill greeted Brock. Setting aside their past problems with each other, Lily welcomed Amber to the memorial. Jill found a book she saw in the drawing of Katherine. A bookmark with the initials "GR" fell out of the book and Jill suspected it had belonged to Katherine's ex-husband Gary Reynolds. When Chloe took notice of the necklace Katherine wore in the sketch, Esther told her Gary had given it to Katherine. Chelsea worried when the doctor said she was testing Connor for an eye disease that can cause blindness and is inherited from a parent.

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