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'B&B': Bromancing the Stone

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: When Katie unexpectedly arrived home, Brooke attempted to make amends with her, to no avail. Brooke was shocked when Katie brought up the fact that Brooke has been living with Bill. Liam was upset when Hope went to Mexico on a business trip with Wyatt. In Mexico, Hope and Wyatt met a wealthy businessman who owns a precious gem that they want to use for the Hope for the Future line. After hearing from Steffy regarding their divorce, Liam began making plans to marry Hope. Rick insisted to Caroline that he isn't bothered by the fact that Maya is marrying Carter.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Stefano reminded E.J. that they agreed that E.J. would return Stefano's home and DiMera Enterprises to him for providing the evidence that cleared Sami. Stefano also reminded E.J. that he, Sami and the kids must move into the DiMera home. Cameron is having a hard time dealing with the fact that Abigail slept with Chad. Chad, who learned he doesn't have a brain tumor after all, searched the Internet for a "cure," so that people won't learn the truth. Daniel took Eric to the hotel where he was drugged, and Eric realized that the hotel bed is the same one he sees in his dreams, but he couldn't remember the face of the woman (Kristen) who had been with him. Jennifer walked in just as Daniel confronted J.J., who broke into Daniel's apartment and then partied with his friends. Will was stunned when he caught Gabi and Nick in a close moment. Daniel took Parker to visit his mother, Chloe.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Nikolas moved Britt and her son, Ben, into Wyndemere when he learned they had no place to go. Carly worried about Sonny, who was way too upbeat during the marriage party for Kiki and Morgan, and accused Sonny of not taking his medication. Sonny did go off his meds at Ava's suggestion, which is part of her and Derek's (Julian) plan to take over Sonny's "family." Shawn didn't get a chance to tell Sonny that he had info on who (Julian) was behind the sting on one of Sonny's warehouse shipments and the explosion on the docks. Shawn was upset to see Derek (Julian) flirting with Alexis. Shawn told Alexis that Julian (Derek) heads the organization that is Sonny's rival. Maxie wasn't sure she could make it through baby Connie's christening. Carlos told Patrick that he intends to get Sabrina back. Sam is curious about Silas' past with Ava. Luke, whose health is failing, learned someone is working on a cure for the poison.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Remembering Dylan's cabin, Avery went there and found Dylan and Connor. Avery managed to calm Dylan after realizing he was experiencing post-traumatic stress and flashing back to when he was in the Afghanistan war. Realizing where he was and what he had done, Dylan handed Connor to Adam, who arrived at the cabin with Chelsea. Adam told Chelsea that she and Connor were moving in with him because he doesn't think she takes good care of the baby. Avery later told Dylan that she and Nick had called off their wedding and their romance. At the church in Chicago, Sister Clare recognized Nikki, who tried to get information about the baby she had given up. Paul, who is helping Nikki, received a phone call from the firm that handled the adoption of Nikki's baby. Sharon lied to Nick about taking her meds. Hilary stated in a blog that Neil confessed to causing Rose Turner's death.

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