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'DOOL': Castration Frustration

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Maya was shocked after Carter suddenly proposed marriage. After a little thought, Maya said yes, and Carter put a ring on her finger. Rick planned to make amends with Maya until he learned of her engagement. Liam was upset when he saw Hope and Wyatt working together at Forrester. Liam asked Hope to undo the deal between Forrester and Quinn Artisan, but Hope told Liam that Eric had refused break the contract. Wyatt believes Hope has romantic feelings for him. Bill rejected Brooke's offer to break up with him, and said he thinks Katie will come home.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: J.J. was upset with Hope, who had tried to make him see the trouble he's in with the law and get him to make amends with Jennifer. Hope refused when J.J. wanted to move in with her and Ciara. Abigail also failed to get J.J. to realize that he's in big trouble because of his multiple drug busts. Jennifer tried to talk to J.J., but he told her to stay out of his life. E.J.'s scheme to make Bernardi look like he was on the take failed, forcing E.J. to make a deal with Stefano, who had the razor that Bernardi was supposed to use to castrate Rafe (on Stefano's orders). Sami was set free when, on an "anonymous" tip, Abe revealed that the razor Bernardi was supposed to use on Rafe was found in the home of Bernardi's girlfriend (who split), along with other evidence that cleared Sami of murder. Abigail and Chad (who hasn't told her he has a brain tumor) made love for the first time. Kate and Jordan argued over Rafe. Jennifer fired Theresa.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Derek (Julian) told Ava (his sister) that he ran into Anna and Duke, who didn't realize that he's the "deceased" Julian Jerome because of his plastic surgery. Anna was surprised that Duke took a job working for Derek (Julian). Anna was upset by a rumor that her old enemy Julian (Derek) may be alive. Franco was upset to see Heather, who escaped from the mental facility in order to wish him a happy birthday. Shawn and Max told Sonny that Julian (Derek) is Vince's boss. Julian (Derek) shot Vince after learning this. Ava talked Sonny into hosting a party to celebrate Morgan and Kiki's marriage. Michael convinced Sonny to attend Connie's funeral. Sabrina was stunned to see ex-boyfriend Carlos, who wants her back. Lulu worried about Maxie's continued attachment to baby Connie. There was an explosion in Port Charles just as Ava and Julian (Derek) made their first move to take over Sonny's crime family.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Deciding that she wanted to find the child she had given up years ago, Nikki and Paul decided to seek information at the Chicago church where she had given birth. Chelsea was devastated when Dylan said that he was leaving town for good and wanted their marriage annulled. When the power went out during a thunderstorm, Dylan flashed back to what happened to him in Afghanistan. When Chelsea returned with a flashlight, Dylan and Connor were gone. Nick had called off their wedding by the time Avery, who had been consoling Dylan, arrived at Chancellor Park. Nick accused Avery of still loving Dylan, and they agreed to end their relationship. Lauren, Esther and Michael talked Jill into trying to figure out the mystery of the music box that she inherited from Kay. Hilary drugged Cane. Victor was livid that Adam teamed up with Jack to regain control of Newman Enterprises.

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