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'GH': 'Have I Seen You Before ... In New Hampshire?'

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Thomas and Thorne took their plan to oust Rick from Forrester Creations to Eric, insisting that Rick isn't fulfilling his duties as president of Forrester. As part of her plan to make sure Bill and Brooke end their relationship, Katie had Brooke babysit Will and then had Bill relieve Brooke, in order to get them together. Via surveillance equipment, Katie spied on Bill and Brooke from her office at Spencer. Unaware that Bill learned she is spying on him, Katie said she decided not to file for a divorce. Liam and Wyatt came to blows after Liam learned that Wyatt and Hope had kissed several times.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Kristen (disguised as Susan) escaped out a second-story restroom window after spilling coffee on the evidence that Mason, who was hired by Daniel, gathered from the hotel room where Eric had been drugged (by Kristen). Kate and Kayla worked together to help Rafe, who worried that he may never walk again. The police turned the other way and let Marge visit Sami in her holding cell. Marge accused Sami of intentionally killing Bernardi (Marge's husband) and taunted Sami, saying that she will never see her children again once she goes to prison for murdering Bernardi. Justin was able to get a court order to exhume Bernardi's body, but Marge vowed it would never happen. Nicole admitted to Rafe that she cares about Eric. Nicole ignored Brady's advice to tell Eric that she has feelings for him after Eric said that he knows about her affair with Brady (Kristen told him). Marlena attacked Kristen after learning that she and Brady have reunited.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Tracy caught Connie searching Ava's room, and was thrilled when Connie showed her Kiki's birth certificate that proved Silas is Kiki's biological father. Connie later bumped a story about Danny that Derek had promised Sam he would run on the front page of the newspaper and instead ran a story about Kiki not being a Quartermaine and about fraud being involved in A.J.'s takeover of ELQ. The story caused a big rift in Connie and Sonny's relationship. Ava failed to keep Silas from getting the DNA test that proved he is Kiki's father. Kevin hypnotized Alexis, who remembered meeting Sam's father in New Hampshire and that his name was Julian (a.k.a. Derek). After meeting each other, Alexis and Derek (Julian) had the feeling they'd met before. Derek (Julian) agreed to be tested to see if he is a marrow match for Danny. Following the money trail, Luke searched for Jerry Jax.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Jack said goodbye to an unconscious Phyllis before Avery took her to a medical facility in Georgia. Avery told Nick that she is going to find out what caused Phyllis to fall down the flight of stairs. Billy warned Melanie that she could be in for big trouble after she filed rape charges against Adam, who was later arrested by Paul. Billy suspected that Melanie lied about being raped. Adam told Melanie, who is determined to ruin him, that she isn't going to win. Leslie agreed to defend Adam, who admitted that he had consensual sex with Melanie, who is lying about the rape charge because he fired her. Billy played back a cellphone recording of Adam, who offered Melanie money to drop the rape charge against him. Neil told Lily and Cane that he remembers drinking with Rose, but blacked out and doesn't recall what happened after that. When Chelsea went into labor, she worried Dylan will realize that her baby isn't his.

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