The Soaps: Tune In Tomorrow

'Y&R': Sex, Lies and Sex Tapes

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: To learn about Wyatt's past, he and Hope arranged for Quinn (Wyatt's mother) and Bill to run into each other. After his awkward meeting with Quinn, Bill set out with Liam to get some answers from Wyatt. Quinn blasted Hope for butting into her family business. Brooke was thrilled to learn that Hope accepted Liam's marriage proposal (for the third time). Katie said she was divorcing Bill, who tried to reconcile with her. Bill was angry with Karen for going against him and partnering with Katie. Rick confronted Caroline after learning she was behind Maya and Carter's racy sex scenes in "Room 8."

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: After Abe and special prosecutor Melinda agreed to give Sonny full immunity, Adrienne let them watch the video of Sami's fight with Bernardi. Sami realized someone had found the video when Abe, pressured by Melinda, arrested her for murdering Bernardi during Eric's dedication speech for the new St. Luke's school. Justin blasted Adrienne for giving the video to Abe. Theresa realized that Jennifer threatened to fire her in part because of her relationship with J.J. Theresa was trying to flirt with Daniel at the same time that Abigail was warning Jennifer she could lose Daniel. Eric assured Marlena that he is fine, but didn't tell her that Daniel is still trying to find out who poisoned him (it was Kristen). Brady convinced Kristen that they could start their romantic relationship over. Kate worried that Rafe won't remember their romantic involvement because of his partial memory loss.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Silas and Carly found Sam, who had fallen and hit her head struggling over a gun with Franco/Jason, who kidnapped Danny. Thinking like Jason, Carly found Franco/Jason on a bridge and was able to convince him to give Danny to her. Dante and the police arrived just as Carly was able to stop Franco/Jason from shooting himself. Patrick prepared Franco/Jason for surgery to remove his brain tumor. Sam prayed that Franco/Jason survives, because he is a bone marrow match for Danny. To make sure he wouldn't lose Kiki (who doesn't know she isn't Michael's cousin), Morgan proposed and Kiki accepted. Ava and Morgan kept Silas from learning that Kiki is his daughter. With Franco/Jason's proxy, Tracy and Ava plotted to oust A.J. from ELQ. A.J. believes he will take over ELQ with Kiki's shares (no one knows that she isn't a Quartermaine). Molly thinks Jerry Jax could be Sam's father. Laura left town to search for a dying Luke.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: At Cassie's grave, Phyllis was stunned to hear Sharon telling "Cassie" that Nick really is Summer's father. Sharon grabbed the phone when Phyllis called Jack to tell him about Summer's parentage, and Phyllis fell down a flight of stairs during their struggle. As Kevin was trying to remove the sex tape of Lauren and Carmine from the Internet, Lauren told Paul about the tape. Holding Carmine at gunpoint, Michael accused him of selling drugs to Fen. Carmine denied this, and Lauren arrived in time to stop Michael from pulling the trigger. Paul arrested Michael after Carmine charged him with assault. Using Fen's cellphone, Carmine lured Lauren to the cabin after she refused to spend a last night with him. Billy talked Melanie into suing Adam for sexual harassment.

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