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'B&B': Does a Mystery Man Get Naked in the Woods?

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Walking in the woods near the Big Bear cabin, Hope came upon mystery man Wyatt, who was nude. Hope took photos of Wyatt then ran away, but fell and was knocked unconscious. Wyatt got Hope to the cabin and revived her with a kiss. Hope was surprised when Wyatt later showed up on her doorstep. Bill urged Liam to go after Steffy and find out why she walked out on him. Caroline arranged for Maya to audition with Carter for a show that Rafael is working on. Maya was thrilled that she got the part opposite Carter. Katie planned a birthday party for Brooke. Taylor suspects Brooke wants Eric.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Jennifer was stunned when the police arrested J.J. for his role in a fight over a girl and for having stolen prescription pads in his backpack. Not wanting to go to jail, J.J. played on Jennifer's motherly feelings and got her to use her friendship with Abe to keep him out of the pokey. Daniel, however, didn't fall for J.J.'s lies. Eric passed out after Kristen drugged him with the potion she got from Dr. Chyka. After Eric regained consciousness, Kristen videotaped him "making love" to her and then ran from his hotel room when he passed out again. Nicole came close to seeing Kristen leave her own room when she went into Eric's room and found him unconscious. Later, Kristen was furious when Dr. Chyka said something went awry with the drug and Eric could possibly remember everything that happened to him. Abigail agreed not to tell anyone that Chad has a video of Sami attacking Bernardi.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: In a video shot before Luke killed her, Helena told Luke that she had replaced his earring with one that contained a radioactive toxin that is going to kill him. Helena said there is a cure, but Luke has to find it or he will die. Ellie found an antidote for the toxin but Luke refused to use it. Anna and Dante found the gun Shawn threw in the dump, but realized a second shooter actually shot Olivia. Shawn and Carly were relieved that the bullet removed from Olivia didn't match the gun (Shawn's) from the dump. Shawn and Carly later found the bullet from his gun lodged in a planter, proving he didn't shoot Olivia. Ava suddenly remembered firing a rifle with a silencer at Franco (at the same time Shawn fired). Elizabeth confronted A.J. after hearing a recording Nikolas bought from Tracy in which A.J. admitted sleeping with Carly. A.J. later asked Elizabeth to forgive him. Lulu and Dante learned that Maxie is having "their" baby girl.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Leslie and Neil told Avery that Gus left half his estate to his children and the other half to a mystery woman, Rose Turner. Leslie found a photo of Rose in Gus' safe deposit box. Avery agreed to look for Rose, and a former neighbor agreed to tell Leslie what she knows about Rose. In Chicago on business, Phyllis answered Kyle's phone when Summer called and let her think she was waiting for Kyle to get out of the shower. Phyllis hopes to discourage Summer's interest in Kyle. Summer worried that Phyllis will try to convince Kyle not to date her. Dylan painted "Will you marry me?" on the wall and Chelsea later painted "Yes" on the wall. Anita would like Chelsea to be with Adam -- because he has money. Chloe taunted Adam about Dylan and Chelsea's engagement. Kevin returned everything he had stolen, but Chloe said their marriage is over. Chloe told Abby that she's not having an affair with Billy.

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