The Soaps: Tune In Tomorrow

'DOOL': Castration Frustration

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Caroline told Bill to get Maya out of Rick's life even if it results in Maya going back to prison. At Carter's place of work, Caroline ran into Rafael, an old friend from New York City. Caroline convinced Rafael to help get Maya out of Rick's life by bringing Maya and Carter together. Rick locked Bill in a jail cell and said he'd release him when he stops blackmailing Maya. Hope told Liam that since Steffy walked out on him, they could restart their romantic relationship. Katie told Brooke that Steffy left town after learning that she can't have children. Hope met a mystery man (Wyatt Fuller).

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Stefano introduced Kristen to Dr. Chyka after learning that she plans to get revenge against Marlena for ruining her plan to marry Brady. Dr. Chyka gave Kristen a lethal potion. As part of her plan, Kristen sneaked into Eric's (who is Marlena's son) room while he slept and prepared to inject him with the potion. Meanwhile, Brady and Nicole worked to keep Eric from learning that they had gotten physical. Brady later asked Nicole to go away with him. J.J. visited Cameron at work in order to steal drug samples from him. Jennifer was stunned when Daniel told her what J.J. had been up to. Abe agreed to investigate after Sami told him and E.J. that someone came from behind and tried to smother her in the holding cell at the police station. Sonny convinced Justin to defend Sami for killing Bernardi as he tried to slice off Rafe's manhood (on Stefano's orders). Chad showed E.J. a video he has of Sami running after Benardi in the Town Square.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Shawn admitted to Alexis that he fired a shot at Franco and hit Olivia, who has been unconscious since her surgery. Alexis said she wouldn't turn Shawn in because she is Sonny's lawyer and it would implicate him. Sonny blasted Carly for going behind his back and falsely telling Shawn that Sonny ordered the hit on Franco. Dante realized that Sonny knows something about the (Olivia) shooting. Dante and Anna later questioned Carly, who talked Shawn out of turning himself in. Michael and Kiki felt guilty after they kissed. A suspicious Morgan was happy to learn that Michael and Kiki are cousins since A.J. and Franco are half-brothers. Brad gave Britt results for Patrick's DNA test to prove or disprove that he's her baby's father. Sam thanked Silas for helping save Danny. Silas got custody of Rafe, and decided not to return to New York.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Phyllis convinced Nick that he had to tell Jack and Summer that they are father and daughter, but after summoning the pair, Nick was unable to tell them the truth and took off. Leslie read a letter that Neil planned to put on the GC Buzz website in hopes of uncovering the identity of the blogger who is trying to ruin his family. Leslie realized that the blogger may have something to do with Rose, the woman her father, Gus, had been involved with during his prison years and before his death. Lily was puzzled when Cane's new assistant, Hilary, approached her and said she recognized Lily because she is the Face of Jabot. When Victoria accused Billy of having an affair with Chloe, he told her that the mystery phone calls are due to the fact that he's gambling again. Right after Lauren overheard Michael tell Fen that he wants their marriage to work, Carmine paid Lauren a visit and Fen saw them kissing.

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