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'GH': Franco Prefers Being Blond

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Alison warned Maya that she would face Bill's wrath if she doesn't break up with Rick. Alison reminded Maya that if she violates her parole, her inevitable capture and return to prison would embarrass Rick. Rick was surprised that Maya nixed spending the night together, despite their feelings for each other. Maya made Rick leave after saying that he should be with Caroline. Bill was angry when Liam said that he met with Hope and now wonders if he should stay married to Steffy. Steffy told Hope to stay away from Liam. Seduction didn't work on Eric, who told Brooke that he wouldn't lie and say he fathered her baby.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: After getting from Johnny the photo that depicted Kristen paying Sy to beat up Brady, Marlena showed Brady the photo. Brady was stunned to realize that Kristen was behind the beating that everyone had assumed was a random incident. Brady confronted Kristen the night before their wedding, refused to believe her explanation for what she did to him, and walked out on her. A recovering addict, Brady considered buying drugs from a street dealer. Kristen blasted Marlena for showing Brady the implicating photo, and told Marlena that she and John had slept together the night before she was to marry Brady. When Marlena confronted John, he said he was leaving Salem. Brady told Eric that Nicole is in love with him. A recovered Will got see his daughter for the first time. Nick told Gabi about his time in prison and also admitted that he blackmailed Will. J.J. and his pal Rory vandalized Daniel's car.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Luke asked Tracy to forgive him for the things he has done to her and then suddenly collapsed mid-conversation. At the hospital, Luke took tests that showed his condition was serious and needed treatment. Tracy was upset to discover sheets that Luke had tied together in order to escape from the hospital room. In the Quartermaine crypt, A.J. and Monica were talking about Jason, unaware that the blond Todd look-alike was listening while hiding in a concrete casket. Those invited (via a text with Jason's photo) to the blond man's party on the Haunted Star were stunned that the man is Franco, whom Jason (his half-brother) had "killed." Looking at a wedding photo of her and Dante caused Lulu to recall being forced to marry and sleep with Stavros to save her family. Ava told Kiki that Franco (she thinks he died) is her father and that Edward left her shares in ELQ. Franco showed video proof that he never raped Sam.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Nearing the anniversary of Cassie's death, Sharon and Nick both visited her grave. Sharon overheard Nick tell Cassie that he planned to test Summer's paternity. After losing Cassie, Nick had just accepted that Summer was his child. Because of Summer's obsession with Kyle, Nick worried that if Jack is her father it would mean that Kyle is Summer's half-brother. When Dylan insisted on going with Chelsea to her doctor's appointment, she needlessly worried that he would realize he isn't the baby's father. Via sonogram, Dylan was thrilled to see "his" child. Chelsea told Adam to stay away from her doctor after Victoria overheard him trying to get info from said doctor. Michael told Paul that he wants to divorce Lauren, but is worried about Fen's reaction. Meanwhile, Carmine tried to convince Fen that Lauren and Michael should split up. Kevin was upset to learn that Chloe planned to sell the coffeehouse to Dylan.

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