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'GH': 'The Chew' Turns Into the Spew

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Liam prepared for a romantic evening with Steffy, unaware that she was in the hospital after being in a motorcycle accident. At the hospital, Liam learned that Steffy was unconscious and that their unborn baby didn't make it. To break up Rick and Maya, Bill arranged for Maya to run into her former boyfriend Jesse while on her first real date with Rick. Unaware that their daughter is deceased, Jesse wanted Maya and their daughter to run away with him. Donna failed to get Brooke to tell the truth about her involvement with Bill. Eric was stunned when a pregnant Brooke turned to him for help.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Kate found Rafe in an alley after he was beaten up by a mystery man. Rafe nearly died on the way to the hospital, and Kayla revealed that he suffered a severe concussion, broken ribs, internal bleeding and other serious injuries. Rafe went into cardiac arrest while Gabi was in his room. Will and Sonny wondered if Nick was responsible for Rafe's beating, since it occurred after Rafe had threatened to tell Gabi who Nick really is. Kate confronted Stefano, accusing him of attacking Rafe because he learned that she and Rafe were lovers, which was a shock to Stefano as well as Sami, who was in the room. Hope suspects that E.J. beat up Rafe. After telling a devastated Marlena that he was divorcing her, John told Kristen about his decision. Jennifer's son J.J. returned, and Abby got him to admit that he'd been kicked out of his school in London and falsely accused of drug dealing. A thug, Jensen, held Nick and Gabi at gunpoint.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Michael found Morgan in New York City staying with a girlfriend, KiKi, who was a Starr look-alike. KiKi is the one who got Morgan into gambling. Sonny and Sean found Morgan and Michael after Connie and Olivia, who had a gun, forced a thug to reveal that Morgan was staying with Ava and her daughter Kathryn (aka "KiKi"). Sonny took Michael and Morgan home. Sam, who went to New York with Carly to look for Morgan and Michael, mistook a doctor (a John look-alike) for the supposedly deceased Steven Clay (his body went missing). Sam told the doctor about Rafe after he said that Steven was his brother. The cast of "The Chew," as well as Elizabeth, got violently sick after sampling A.J.'s Pickle-Lila and Tracy's Pickle-Eddy. The man who poisoned both relishes looked like Todd. The man headed to Port Charles. Patrick let Britt move in after she falsely said that the baby could die because of her pregnancy problem.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Alex went to question Chloe and Kevin about a break-in at Neil's place and caught Chloe holding a piece of jewelry that had been recently stolen. Kevin arrived as Alex arrested Chloe for possession of stolen goods. Chloe was furious when Kevin didn't admit that he'd stolen the jewelry, and she ended up spending the night in jail. Lauren admitted that she was having an affair with Carmine after Michael realized that Carmine was a little too friendly with her. As Lauren begged Michael not to give up on their marriage, he realized that she had been with Carmine for a long time, and said he wasn't sure he could ever forgive her. While Victoria's gumshoe was looking for dirt on Adam, he told Victor that they would soon be the owners of Newman Enterprisers. Chelsea and Dylan kissed after he revealed future plans for them and "their" baby. Victor learned that Billy is gambling again.

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