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'GH': Pickle-Lila Swallow Creates a Real Pickle

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Rick was upset when Caroline referred to Dayzee's Restaurant as a "dive" and wondered why he volunteers there as a waiter. After Maya told Rick what happened to her baby, he cheered her up with a trip to Rodeo Drive and the Forrester Creations boutique. Later, Rick apologized to an upset Maya for not telling her of his Forrester blood at the outset. Eric asked everyone at Forrester to respect his and Taylor's relationship. Pam was amused when Taylor worried that she might kill her. Thomas took over during a Forrester crisis while Rick was spending time with Maya.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Learning that Jennifer was headed for Daniel's hotel room, Chloe sneaked in when Daniel was absent and put some of Nancy's sleeping pills into his drink. After Daniel passed out, Chloe made it look like they had slept together when Jennifer arrived. Chloe was convinced that she'd won Daniel back, until he told her it would never happen. Daniel tried to reconcile with Jennifer. Nick warned Will that he would pay dearly if he tried to stop Nick and Gabi's wedding. Nick and Gabi said their "I do's" at the Horton house. A happy Nick had no idea that his former cellmate, Vargas, had just been released from prison and is plotting against him. Lucas and Sami covered their tracks when Rafe caught them in the police evidence room, unaware that they had planned to destroy the evidence that proves that Will shot E.J. Marlena nixed reconciling with John. Kristen told Stefano that she plans to use Brady to get revenge against John and Marlena.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Molly, TJ, Shawn and Alexis crashed Connie's (Kate) book party for "Love in Maine," and Alexis, in front of everyone, presented Connie (Kate) with legal papers claiming that Molly had written the book. Molly and company were stunned to realize that the Connie personality had taken over Kate again. After passing the second nursing exam with flying colors, Sabrina finally got up the nerve to tell Patrick that she has a crush on him. Elizabeth, Felix and Sabrina were thrilled that Lucy was able to raise the money needed for the Nurses Ball. Scott told Lucy that he's afraid Laura still has feelings for Luke. Lulu and Dante saw the sonogram of "their" baby while Maxie was upset that she will be giving them her and Spinelli's baby. Carly was stunned to see Todd, who said that all charges against him had been dropped. Tracy fumed when Spinelli swallowed the paper that had the Pickle-Lila formula on it that could save ELQ.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: After Nikki was hospitalized, Victor said they were going to be married in a different way every day until she was strong enough to walk down the aisle. The first ceremony was with Judge Clarice Collins. Leslie told Avery that if she wins an appeal for Gus, he will come after her and Tyler and their lives would be ruined. Wheeler denied having anything to do with Avery being tailed, her car being sabotaged and her apartment being ransacked because of the Milwaukee case (Gus's appeal). Avery doesn't believe Leslie and Tyler's father (Gus) killed their mother. Neil was with Leslie when she got a call from her father. Dylan gave Chelsea a ride when she had car trouble, and they got to know each other a bit. Dylan was upset when his hospitalized father passed away. Michael suggested that he and Lauren get counseling. Chelsea still hasn't told Adam that she's pregnant.

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