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'DOOL': Chloe's Back, and She's Mad

Nadia Bjorlin was put through the wringer during her last stint on "Days of our Lives" as Chloe Lane. First, she was tricked into cheating on her husband, Daniel. Then, she was manipulated into becoming a prostitute. Now that she's back, suffice it to say that she's not going to be taking any more guff.

"Chloe's stronger now. She knows what she wants, and she's not taking crap from anyone," declares Bjorlin.

What she wants is to reconcile with her husband and live happily ever after with their son, Parker. There's only one problem: He's in love with Jennifer. This has caused Chloe to resort to some crafty scheming to keep them apart.

"She's made some irrational and impulsive decisions," says Bjorlin, admitting that she's had a difficult time butting heads with Melissa Reeves, who plays Jennifer. "The hardest part, actually, is being mean to her because she's so nice. But we have had fun. It's always nice to work with someone new, because you don't really know what's going to come next and how they're going to interpret what's on the page."

Bjorlin, of course, is no stranger to daytime triangles. She's been involved in her fair share during her tenure on "Days," but usually as the woman between two men.

"I actually prefer being the girl that's fought over," says Bjorlin with a chuckle. "Obviously, it's a lot more fun having two guys fighting over you than being one of the girls fighting over the guy."

But the impetus behind Chloe's current triangle -- her son -- makes it credible for Bjorlin.

"I would say Parker is the great love of Chloe's life right now," assesses Bjorlin. "He is the one she wakes up for every day ... the one she lives for. She's totally focused on being a great mom for him."

And, as such, "Chloe wants to give Parker what she never had growing up: the perfect family," continues Bjorlin, referencing Chloe's childhood in an orphanage. "Chloe also truly loves Daniel. So she wants that fairy tale of reconciling with him and living happily ever after."

Bjorlin notes that many "Days" fans are hoping for the very same thing.

"They're rooting for us to be together, no matter what crazy things Chloe is doing. They're not giving up hope, and Chloe isn't either."

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