The Soaps: Tune In Tomorrow

Fun Surprises on 'GH'

"General Hospital" has been pulling out all the stops of late to surprise the fans. They have done a pretty decent job of putting an embargo on major spoilers, so not much has leaked to the press or the Internet. This is such a switch that it is surely no coincidence that the ratings for "General Hospital" are soaring. People really have to tune in tomorrow.

It came about so quickly. Spinelli is gone. He was a truly original character, and we admired Bradford Anderson's quirky performance. Although Ellie is probably a better match for him than Maxie, we really wanted it to work with Maxie. Yes, Maxie is a whiner and lies with ease, thinking about the consequences of her actions afterwards, not beforehand. Yet she and Spinelli are magic together. They are the yin to each other's yang. We will admit that Spinelli's farewell scene with Maxie brought us to tears -- big, ugly sobs. Even though Bradford Anderson has confirmed his exit from the show, we hold out hope that he will return.

It was a shocker to learn that Patrick is conflicted about which woman he wants. This is truly a case of a man in love with two good women. The slow build of Patrick's relationship with Sabrina was well-executed, even though we all knew Robin was alive. However, Robin was always accepted as the one true love of Patrick's life. We wanted them to fall into each other's arms, but we have to admit that, dramatically, his being conflicted is probably the better choice. Still, the odds are on Robin. Fans of the show watched the actress grow up onscreen. She has had heartbreak after heartbreak, and fans want to see her happy. She also embodies a character with AIDS living a productive and useful life. She saves lives. She needs a happy ending.

This is what the fans want, and on this show, head writer Ron Carlivati and Executive Producer Frank Valentini are the show's biggest fans. Other than having a penchant for bringing a slew of formerly dead characters back to life, with these two at the helm, the show honors its history. Even the return-from-the-dead trend this show loves is a nod to the past. They just cannot let a good character go.

Another shocker was the stabbing of Heather by her son Franco. Although we saw Heather's hand come up from the grave in Carrie-like fashion, Franco thinks he murdered her. This further muddles this character. Roger Howarth took over the role of Franco from James Franco when the show was no longer legally allowed to use Howarth as Todd (the character he had played on "GH" and on the again-defunct "One Life to Live"). A brain tumor was created to explain his heinous deeds, and he was thus able to enter into a relationship with one of the show's core characters, Carly. Now, who is Franco?

We are sure the show's creative team has other shockers in the works. We can't wait.

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