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Diamont on Spencer's Many Gifts

As Bill Spencer on "The Bold and the Beautiful," Don Diamont has done his share of despicable deeds. But his most recent act, sleeping with his ex, Katie, to get her to sign papers restoring him as CEO of Spencer Publications and granting him joint custody of their son, Will, may have outweighed them all.

"That's just Bill," delivers Diamont with a smile. "This is what I love about him: There are those people who talk the talk, (but) there aren't many people who will walk the walk. He is the guy that will just take the gloves off. And, if push comes to shove, he's going to go for it. That's what makes him who he is."

Diamont makes no apologies for Bill's actions. In this case, he actually feels his character was justified, considering how "reasonable" and "rational" Bill was in trying to reach a happy medium with Katie. But upon realizing that his ex did it all "purely for the sake of revenge," Diamont believes Bill had no choice but to strike back -- and if people dislike him for it, so be it.

"Honestly, it does not (bother me)," insists Diamont, noting that all of the above is what makes playing Bill so much fun.

"The greatest thing about this character is that he's always walking the line," explains Diamont. "He's a conflicted guy. He's emotionally challenged. He's very complicated ... He's always been an eye-for-an-eye guy. He's a win at all costs (guy), and ... he will absolutely fight fire with fire."

Of course, Bill ultimately wound up snookered. Brooke found the papers that Katie had signed and confiscated them, leaving Bill with nothing and both Logan sisters furious at him.

As to what the poor guy will do next, Diamont notes that the woman Bill "really loves" is Brooke. Hence, he believes he'll fight to try and get her back.

"I think that Bill feels that Brooke is certainly more his contemporary," says Diamont. "She's someone who is more his match. They are more like-minded, and they more innately fit."

Of course, he may have some competition now that Thorsten Kaye is set to take on the role of Brooke's longtime love, Ridge. Diamont, however, doesn't see Bill's nemesis as a real problem.

"Bill's just not that way," contends Diamont. "He thinks Brooke made that mistake in her life, but has learned from it ... that Ridge doesn't hold the power over her that maybe he did in the past. He believes that what Brooke and Bill have is very genuine and could even usurp what her feelings were for Ridge. So, ultimately, I don't think he feels that threat -- at least initially."

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