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'GH': Franco Goes 'Heathers' on Heather

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: At Forrester Creations, Eric was surprised to see Steffy, who flew in from Paris to visit him. Eric introduced Steffy to Quinn. When Eric said he was glad to help Quinn and Wyatt with business, Quinn hinted that there could be a relationship in their future. When Liam told Hope he wanted to get married ASAP or else they were over for good, Hope accepted his latest proposal. Wyatt refused to break off with Hope, even though she said their personal relationship is over, along with the contract with Quinn Artesian. On a plane to Paris, Quinn asked Steffy to help break up Hope and Liam.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: J.J. admitted to Jennifer that he was responsible for breaking up her and Daniel and added that Daniel had nothing to do with Theresa before Jennifer and Daniel broke up. While he was confessing, J.J. told Theresa that he, not Daniel, was with her before she overdosed, and that Daniel came to help after she overdosed. Theresa later blackmailed J.J. into getting drugs for her. Daniel told Eric that they have to find the person who gave Kristen the drug she used in the rape. Nicole refused when Eric asked her to forgive him for accusing her of raping him. Sami and Kate worried about Gabi, who is freaking out about Nick's death. Sonny overheard Sami, Kate and Gabi talking about Nick's death. Theo gave Ciara the diamond earring he found in the park (at the site of Nick's death). Looking into a box containing multiple IDs, Jordan told herself she wasn't going to run anymore. Rafe told Jordan that he wants to be with her.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Franco stabbed Heather with the knife she was about to use on Carly, who was in the shower. Franco took Heather to the cemetery, where he found a fresh grave, threw her in and covered her up. After Franco left, a hand and arm rose up out of the grave. Sonny and Shawn forced Carlos to dig his own grave (the one Franco later found), but Sonny decided not to kill him after Carlos said he's the brother of Sonny's deceased wife, Lily. A.J. took the stand and told the jury that he doesn't remember killing Connie. The jury found A.J. not guilty, but only because they didn't think there was enough evidence to convict him. Sabrina was shocked when Robin asked her to break up with Patrick. A flabbergasted Dante and Lulu learned that the two embryos they had left had gone missing from the lab. Robert told Anna that he had "dealt" with Faison. Maxie told Spinelli that it was OK to take Connie and move to Portland with Ellie.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Chelsea panicked when Chloe and Connor seemingly disappeared, and wrongly thought that Chloe kidnapped the baby in a plan to substitute him for Delia. Chelsea apologized when Chloe explained that she had taken Connor for a ride in the car to calm him down. Nick and Sharon consoled Chloe over losing Delia, and shared what they had gone through after Cassie died. Nick told Nikki that he understood why she hadn't told anyone about Dylan, and said he would find a way to deal with the fact that Dylan is her son. Dylan told Stitch that his biological father, Ian Ward, was the leader of a cult. Avery dug up information about Ian Ward. Michael, who Christine was able to get released from prison, and Lauren tried to celebrate their wedding anniversary, but just worried about Fen's safety, since he's still in prison. Victoria was upset that she hasn't been able to help Billy deal with Delia's death as much as Kelly has.

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