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'DOOL': Sex Tape a Bold Choice for Nuptials

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: In Aspen, Bill climbed a mountain while thinking about Katie, Will and the fact that Katie was keeping him from seeing Will. Not concentrating on the climb, Bill slipped and nearly fell to his death. After his near-death experience, Bill told Katie that he broke up with Brooke and wanted to be with her and Will. Brooke confirmed to Katie that she and Bill are kaput. Wyatt put the HFTF diamond in a purse belonging to a would-be thief dressed in drag and later told police that Charlie recovered the gem. Quinn told Hope that Wyatt loves her. Caroline was upset that Rick rehired Maya.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Eric refused to believe Nicole, who insisted that she wasn't the woman who drugged and raped him at the hotel. Marlena gave Victor the flash drive. Victor was able to open it, and he then returned it to Marlena without telling her that it contained a sex video of Eric (her son) and Kristen. Kristen was stunned to learn that E.J. knows she drugged and raped Eric and that he plans to tell Sami. Victor failed to talk Brady out of marrying Kristen. As Brady and Kristen's wedding began, everyone, especially Kristen, was stunned when the sex video of her and Eric appeared on a screen at the church. J.J. apologized for breaking up Daniel and Jennifer after realizing that Daniel didn't tell anyone that J.J. was with Theresa when she overdosed. J.J. visited a hospitalized Theresa to see if she remembered the night she overdosed. Kate learned that Jordan seemingly has no past history. Cameron told Abigail that he's leaving town.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: At the hospital Halloween party, a costumed Robin talked to Emma. Nikolas warned Robin that she has to stay hidden and then whisked her away when Patrick tried to talk to her, but not before Robin hugged Emma. Duke confronted Faison and "Anna," but realized that "Anna" was really Obrecht, and made her remove the "Anna" mask. Lucy and Scott were stunned to see Heather, who wanted to help Scott get elected district attorney. Ava warned Derek (Julian) that Sam knows he's her father. Ava told Sam that she has no interest in their "family" connection. Morgan gave Scott a recording made by the "bug" he planted in Sonny's home, which proves that Sonny and the D.A. are in cahoots. Franco mistakenly told Carly that he thinks Derek (Julian) and Morgan are having an affair. Luke and Tracy agreed that they want to make their relationship work. Heather fumed when she saw that Franco was passing off her paintings as his own.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: At the police station, Billy physically attacked a man who had been questioned about Delia's hit-and-run, but had a valid alibi for the time of the accident. Chloe told Victoria that she hopes Billy finds the hit-and-run driver and makes him pay. When the police said that an SUV like Adam's was involved in the accident, he let them inspect his car, which no longer has any damage. At home, Adam videotaped his confession that he was the hit-and-run driver who killed Delia. Paul told Christine he intends to prove that it wasn't Michael or Fen who killed Carmine, and then realized that the crime scene photos had gone missing. Jack urged Hilary to accept Neil's offer of a job at Jabot and to earn forgiveness for trying to ruin Neil. Chelsea told Adam that she and Connor were moving out, and then signed Dylan's divorce papers. Jill refused to help Victor, who plans to merge Newman Enterprises and Chancellor Industries.

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