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Revenants, Transitions and Sandwiches on 'General Hospital'

Of late, "General Hospital" has been bringing back a lot of former characters and the original actors who played them. The whole return-of-Robin storyline is like a who's who of bygone "GH" luminaries. The story is way over-the- top, but, taken in context, it has kept our interest. However, we're not so sure about Heather's reappearance.

We admit that we've never been fans of Heather's particular brand of lunacy. Heather's illness is played for too many laughs. We are not against using humor to defuse a situation, but in this case it's off-putting. And Heather's mental illness is situational, frequently changing to fit the needs of a particular story.

Yet, we have to admit that her obsession with BLTs started making sense once we learned she shared such a sandwich with Scott, Franco's newfound daddy, on the night Franco was conceived. The paintings that Heather created, which were hung upside-down at the gallery, turning out to be sandwiches -- it's far-fetched, yes, but it fits within the context of the story. Her obsession with BLTs is no longer simple comic relief.

Other than the fact that the show rewrote history, the idea that Franco is Heather's son does work. Although Nu Franco is no longer truly insane, thanks to the removal of that pesky brain tumor, he is still not wrapped very tightly. Thus, Heather being his mother seems fitting.

We find the return of Scott more compelling. Oh, boy. When Scott returned as Laura's fiance, we didn't buy it. The twist may have made use of the show's history, but the return of Scott and Laura in this incarnation just did not work. We were fine with them splitting up after a short marriage -- it was doomed from the start and never rang true. They never seemed like former high school sweethearts who found love again as they matured. It always seemed like a desperate ploy to recreate the Luke/Laura/Scotty triangle, and that ship has sailed. The most perfect part of the storyline was the exquisitely acted scene in which Luke and Laura came to that realization.

Now, Scotty is the new district attorney, a job he won with his usual machinations. He is also a perhaps not-so- proud papa to Franco. This may work.

The only thing the return of Scotty did was to really give closure to Luke and Laura. We now all have full permission to root for Luke and Tracy. A part of us always believed in Luke and Laura forever, but when both Luke and Laura agreed the spark was gone, we found we were happy to admit that we preferred the older (wiser?) Luke with Tracy far more than we liked him with Laura.

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