The Soaps: Tune In Tomorrow

'GH': 'Polonium? Darn Near Killed 'Em!'

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Brooke was furious when Bill admitted that he faked wanting to reunite with Katie in order to trick her into signing papers returning his company to him and reinstating his shared custody of Will. Katie realized that Brooke destroyed the papers she signed after Brooke admitted stealing the papers and then putting dead leaves in the envelope. Bill fumed when he opened the envelope. Brooke told Bill that their relationship is over. Thorne was happy to see his daughter Alison (Aly), who returned to town and is working at Forrester. Wyatt crashed a romantic picnic that Liam had arranged for him and Hope.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Theresa's parents, Shane and Kimberly, arrived in Salem, and along with Kayla, Hope and Roman, urged Theresa to check into rehab because of her drug addiction and her near-death from an overdose. Shane and Kimberly met with Jennifer concerning the fact that Theresa could go back to jail in Los Angeles if she doesn't have a job (she's on probation and has been fired as Jennifer's assistant). Gabi had Justin read over the modeling contract she received, and he said it was legit, but Justin worried about Gabi moving to New York City for the job and taking Arianna away from Will and Sonny. Eric was devastated when, because of Kristen's sex video, he was suspended and had to remove his priest's collar. Nicole, who hasn't forgiven Eric for accusing her of drugging and raping him, spent time with Daniel and they shared a kiss. Roman and Hope searched for Kristen, who has disappeared.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Lulu ran out of the courtroom after the judge said that she and Dante would not get baby Connie. Maxie was stunned that the judge declared her unfit to be the baby's mother and then shocked everyone by giving Spinelli full custody of Connie, adding that he would revisit letting Maxie have visitation rights in six months. Dante arrived just as Lulu was about to abduct Connie, whom Tracy had been babysitting during the custody hearing. Patrick told Luke that the antidote he received (made by Robin) cured him of the polonium poison. At Wyndemere, Robin revealed herself after Luke told Nikolas and Britt that Anna and Robert were Jerry's prisoners on Cassadine Island. Using a fingerprint of Jerry's and some chewing gum, Anna and Robert escaped from the locked lab. Duke convinced Obrecht to turn against Faison. Sabrina didn't believe Carlos, who said that Robin is alive. Franco warned Heather not to harm Carly.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: A guilty Adam apologized to Chelsea after verbally lashing out at her when she asked if his "contact" had given him any new information on Delia's hit-and-run. Billy and Victoria attended a bereavement group meeting, but she later told him that she doesn't know how to help him deal with Delia's death. In the chat room for parents who have lost children, Adam realized the grieving father he was chatting with was Billy. Nikki told Paul that she wants to tell Dylan that she's his mother, but is worried about how Dylan and Victor would react to the news. Paul reassured Nikki that she did the right thing when she gave up Dylan after he was born to protect him from his deranged biological father, Ian Ward, who was a cult leader. Victor gave Kyle a job at Newman-Chancellor. Paul is looking for a way to get Michael out of prison. Summer suggested to Jack that they could spend Thanksgiving with Phyllis.

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